Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Call For Donated Items to Assist in Louisiana Flood Disaster Relief

by Stewart Rhodes  

Oath Keepers,
As you know, South Louisiana is still recovering from a record-breaking flood.
The Louisiana chapter of Oath Keepers is coordinating with the Cajun Army to assist in recovery efforts.   They are in desperate need of personal protective equipment  and other essential items to deal with the black mold and other contaminants they are encountering.  Go here to see their Facebook page about all they are doing.
 Volunteer workers are doing tear-out, demolition, and mold mediation on the flood damaged houses, helping people rebuild their houses, and also assisting churches in providing meals and other assistance to flood victims.  The Cajun Army is doing an incredible job, and we need to help them all we can.
Below is a link to in which the Cajun Army has put together a shopping list of items that they need, such as respirators, filters, ladders, etc.

The Cajun Army in Action With Help of Awesome Donors

You can easily purchase those items on Amazon and have them shipped directly to the Cajun Army (When you use the links on that wish list page to purchase items on the list, Amazon will give you their gift registry address as a shipping option when you check out).   But here is the Cajun Army shipping address in case you need it:

Cajun Army Flood Relief
ATTN:  Robert Riley, Supply Coordinator
10723 N. Oak Hills pkwy (bldg. A)
Baton Rouge, LA

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Any questions, please contact Duncan Simmons, our Louisiana state coordinator at:

Duncan's Phone Number (area code: 381)  914 _ 2224

For the Republic,
Oath Keepers
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