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Roots in Ripon - Can’t Make This Up (Part 2)

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Chuck Roots
8 August 2016

Can’t Make This Up (Part 2)

So in last week’s article I commented on my utter disdain for Hillary Clinton for any number of reasons which are too numerous to list here, and my utter dislike of Donald Trump for his boorish and offensive comments.

Let me be quick to add that I will be voting in November. And it will not be for a third party candidate, or Alfred E. Newman, or Mickey Mouse. The privilege and responsibility as an American citizen to vote is not something I take for granted. The shed blood of too many of our patriots defending this freedom we enjoy should be protected at all costs. 

I will not be voting for Hillary, period. She and the Democratic Party have moved so far left as to be staggering. And since the Republican Party still has a platform that I can agree with for the most part, I will be voting for Trump. 

There are several reasons for my taking this particular course in voting for Trump. These are in no particular order, but they are positions I have been thinking long and hard about. First, referring to God is not only okay, it is encouraged within the Republican Party and its platform. In 2012 I sat stunned watching the Democratic National Convention vote God and the use of his name off of their platform. This year during the opening prayer (invocation) I was again stunned to hear the delegates booing when the minister (a woman) ask for blessings on Hillary Clinton, stopping this lady clergy-person in mid-prayer. Now, you may not like a minister’s prayer, but as I shared with another pastor some years ago who was a bit unsure of how to pray in front of a crowd, I said, “You are talking to God, not the people. You are talking to God on behalf of the people. You are merely inviting them to listen in.” 

Secondly, as a Christian minister I identify as an Evangelical. Webster’s Dictionary states that an evangelical is of a Christian sect or group that stresses the authority of the Bible; the importance of believing that Jesus Christ saved you personally from sin and hell; and the preaching of these beliefs to other people. During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump clearly stated that he was grateful for the strong support he had received from Evangelicals, and that as president, he would rescind the law enacted in 1954 by then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson which, in effect, restricted pastors from bringing politics into their sermons, particularly from the pulpit. If they did, the church could lose its tax-exempt status. The Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly, Alliance Defense Fund) was formed in 1994 to battle this abuse of government toward the church and other religious institutions. 

Thirdly, I am greatly encouraged by the people Trump is surrounding himself with. Beginning with his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Now I realize that the vice president in any party is normally little more than window dressing. However, that a man of Mike Pence’s caliber being so close to Trump is encouraging. Pence is quite the opposite of Trump in that he is mild-mannered, not bombastic. He has served as a senator for Indiana, and currently is the governor of that state, bringing political savvy and managerial skills to the table to compliment Trump’s business acumen. 

Another person who has Trump’s ear at this time is Dr. Ben Carson, the man I personally supported in the primaries. This man’s reputation is above reproach. He is credited with rewriting medical books when it comes to brain surgery, and particularly his landmark successful separation of Siamese Twins at the head which was never done before. It was always a decision left to the parents as to which child they wanted to live! When it comes to intelligence, Dr. Carson is always the smartest person in the room. Should Trump win, I can see Carson being appointed as Surgeon General, or possibly Secretary of Education. That would be refreshing!

Fourthly, Trump is strong on national defense. He would very likely do what Reagan did during his presidency and rebuild a seriously depleted and weakened military, courtesy of Jimmy Carter. We face serious threats to our nation’s defense. A robust military will go a long way to push this problem back. A strong, muscular military provides peace not only in America but around the world. Bad actors and rogue nations walk much more carefully when the United States is strong.
Lastly, under a Trump presidency there would be the very likely probability of several Supreme Court Justice appointments during a 4 or 8-year presidency. Due to the advanced ages of several justices (late 70s and early 80s) it is expected that the next president will be making a number of appointments, including the one for recently departed Justice Antonin Scalia. Justices typically are appointed while middle aged (40s-50s), thus a twenty to thirty-year appointment is very likely. Their judicial views will affect the way law is interpreted for a very long time. I very much want to see conservative constitutionalists appointed. 

So, Trump it is! Voting is my right and obligation according to the Constitution. And it is my right and obligation as given by God. See you at the polls in November!

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