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PROSTITUTION AT ITS HIGHEST LEVEL . . . And It's the American People Who Are Getting Screwed

This photo from our friend, Trevor Loudon at New Zeal
Commentary by Joe Milardo

Kiss Your Rights, Goodbye

Anyone considering voting for Hillary, the lying, treasonous, Ma Barker of the Clinton Crime family MUST review this forwarded Pay-to-Play lineup of "donors" to the biggest sellout of a public office in the 237 year History of our Republic.  This was done right under the noses of the sitting President and his minions-who all act just as competently and comically as their movie versions.

For those of you who think that you can be "morally superior" this Fall and not vote for Trump as President, or, have decided to cast no vote at all, remember,  those acts are votes for Mrs. Clinton, and your "non-vote"  for Trump ensures 4 years of criminal occupation of the White House- perhaps 8 years.  After that, you can "Kiss the USA Goodbye" as we devolve further into a third world country presided over by "elected" despots. Forget about your rights provided in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th amendments, those will be gone in the the first 100 days of a Clinton presidency "by Executive Order".
This year, its not politics as usual for the USA .  This is the first time an actual felon stands a chance of being elected President.  Who would do such a thing, you ask?  Other felons, rioters, miscreants and people who have no use for our "freedoms" and a decent way to enjoy life who's only demand is for their "freedoms" to take from us what we desire for OUR lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.
What spurred Joe's Comments:
Blinding ignorance does mislead us.
O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes.
(Leonardo Da Vinci)

Political donations to HILLARY disguised as speeches
By Robert Gehl
Feb. 10, 2016
Companies are limited in the amount they can donate to political candidates and it is NOT tax deductible.  BUT if a company hires someone to give a speech there is no limit on what they pay that candidate and it is a business expense which IS tax deductible.  Pretty cool.  I love the creativity!
The media’s going nuts that Hillary Clinton took three big paychecks for three speeches at Goldman Sachs. At $225,000 a pops that’s pretty good scratch – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

She’s been very, very busy, raking in millions in a three-year stretch since she left her post as the Secretary of State.  Her defense? It varies from “It’s what they offered me” to the hilarious, “I happen to think we need more conversations about what’s going on in the world.”
Pricey “conversations” indeed.  Here’s a list of the 92 “conversations” that Clinton has had in just the past three years. The total: $21.7 million.  []
She’s been very, very busy.  What did Hillary promise in all these speeches?  What was her advice to Deutsche Bank, Cisco and the Council of Insurance Agents?  What did she tell eBay?  What Hillary discloses to us peasants is on a “need to know” basis only.

About Robert Gehl:

Robert Gehl is a college professor in Phoenix, Arizona. He has over 15 years journalism experience, including two Associated Press awards. He lives in Glendale with his wife and two young children.


  1. I think both frontrunners are dangerous for our country. Especially if your skin is a darker shade than white, if Trump wins. Yet, tons of war and many more conspiracies, strange deaths that follow the Clintons around like crazy, like the deaths of the DNC probable leaker, the ones that were going to testify against them, etc. Bernie Sanders would've made America smart again. He would've brought people back together instead of this us and them narrative that has damaged our country as a whole. But, Clinton, the DNC and DWS are above the law, obviously. To commit election fraud, slander and voter suppression like the DNC did to help Clinton "win" the nomination, should completely derail Clinton's run for President. But that's just a small part of her crimes. Taking money from other countries for the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State is against the law, called ESPIONAGE! Then, she awards these donors with high ranking positions, even if they know NOTHING about the committee they're serving on, like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that she put a million dollar donor in who had ZERO knowledge of nuclear energy or weaponry. Trump is HORRIBLE, but, not as dangerous as Clinton when you know all of the Clinton's actions. $152 MILLION in "speaking fees" in a four year period is just blatently corrupt. I don't see how anyone could vote for either frontrunner. #StillSanders
    #JillNotHill #JohnsonNotTrump

  2. Thank you for your comment, Karen. But the idea that Trump is somehow a racist is a myth put forth by Hillary and the other Trump-haters.

    Trump has support from many minorities and legal immigrants, as well.

    The "racist" card is simply being played as an act of desperation. I encourage you research for yourself, "well known minority members who support trump". Use multiple search engines.

    This is what Google found:

  3. I hope you will have a chance to take a look at this, Karen.

  4. Hi Karen, I hate to keep coming back to this, but my mind is scattered! :) One last thing; I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 for the same reason that many want to vote for a 3rd party candidate, today. We see where that got us.

    Like it or not, the next president will be either Trump or Clinton. To not vote, or to vote 3rd party is to help Clinton.

    One other thing to keep in mind about Clinton, is the fact that she looked to Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, as a mentor. She spoke glowingly of him at his funeral. Byrd was the Grand Cyclops of the KKK.

    A point in Trump's favor is the fact that he is not a political insider or beholden to anyone. This can be evidenced by the attacks against him, from both sides. They fear him because he represents an end to the status quo.

    For those reasons, I'm backing Trump. The unknown is far less frightening than the known.


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