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Casey’s Law – Blumenthal and Courtney’s Masterful Deception

Casey’s Law – Blumenthal and Courtney’s Masterful Deception

HARTFORD, CT - On Monday, July 25, 2016, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Rep. Joe Courtney unveiled Casey’s Law, a bureaucratic feather duster that will do nothing to stop illegal felons from committing violent crimes in sanctuary states like Connecticut and fails to address policies that prevent local and state law enforcement from detaining criminal illegals.

“Casey’s Law is a smokescreen to cover up for the illegal immigration and sanctuary state policies that allowed Jean Jacques the freedom to murder Casey Chadwick,” said Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh, founder of American Liberty Center and host of the Lori on Liberty radio show. “Federal, state and local law enforcement must ensure that criminal illegals are detained until they can be deported and Casey’s Law does nothing to address the urgency of the tragic policy failures that led to Casey’s death.”

Repatriation issues do not excuse ICE, the State of Connecticut and local law enforcement for failing to detain a violent illegal felon and stop him from killing Chadwick,” Hopkins-Cavanagh said. “The sanctuary directives of Governor Malloy, the failure of the federal government to secure our borders and President Obama’s directive to release convicted illegal murderers into our communities, knowing that they cannot be deported, is an imminent threat not addressed by Casey’s Law,” said Hopkins-Cavanagh.

“Casey’s Law is hardly a ‘crack down’ on countries that refuse or delay U.S. officials' attempts to deport dangerous criminals.  Rep. Courtney and Sen. Blumenthal’s best solution to Casey Chadwick’s murder by a violent illegal is to wait for the
Department of Homeland Security to make a vague determination as to whether or not a country is delinquent in its repatriation cooperation and after that determination is reviewed and signed off on, to send that country a letter to notify them that they may have visas denied. An annual report to Congress will not solve the ongoing danger that needs to be addressed, immediately.

Casey Chadwick was found stabbed to death in her Norwich apartment in June of 2015. Jean Jacques, an illegal Haitian national, is now serving a 60-year prison sentence for Chadwick’s death. Six months before he murdered Casey, Jacques was released onto the streets after serving a 17-year sentence for attempted murder in connection with the execution-style shooting of a Norwich man and the bludgeoning of a Norwich woman.

Following an American Liberty Center press conference in Hartford on November 23, 2015, Sen. Blumenthal and Rep. Courtney launched an investigation into ICE after failing to act for six months. The Senator and Congressman are using Casey’s law to artfully cover-up for the administrative dismantling of state and federal detainment policies by President Obama and Governor Malloy.  They are detracting from their own culpability by point fingers at ICE and foreign governments.  In essence the two entrenched elected public servants are using the death of Casey Chadwick to cover up for the death of Casey Chadwick. Casey’s estate should sue the state and federal government for directing law enforcement to release Jean Jacques to kill again.  It wasn’t Haiti’s problem to keep us safe, it was their job, and they failed.

Chadwick's mother, Wendy Hartling accompanied Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh, founder of the American Liberty Center to the state capital in Hartford on November 23, 2015, to confront Senator Blumenthal for his failure to take action and investigate the state and federal policies and events leading up to Chadwick’s death. Federal, state and local law enforcement must ensure that criminal illegals are detained until they can be deported,” Hopkins-Cavanagh said. “Casey’s Law does not do that.

In 2013, Governor Malloy informed ICE that Connecticut would no longer participate in ‘Secure Communities’.  This federal and local law enforcement partnership was dismantled. Communication efforts between local and state law enforcement agencies and ICE, was systematically terminated.  Where is the investigation?

In November 2014, the Malloy administration took action to shield undocumented criminals from deportation - an action criticized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency who warned it would pose a risk to public safety and could release dangerous criminals into the community.  Federal authorities could not deport Jacques because ICE had zero proof that he was a Haitian national.  He was in the country illegally and without documentation. They knew this before he was release with no system in place in Connecticut or nationally to protect Casey Chadwick. Where is the truth?

American Liberty Center was formed in November 2015 to identify and expose threats to our uniquely American liberties and to preserve our open and free society.
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