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Crouch - Osten's Casino Conference Bad Theater

Crouch for Senate
June 30, 2016

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Crouch: Osten’s Conference Bad Political Theater

An “economic conference” hastily put together at Foxwoods Casino by State Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, is another example of why voters don’t trust Hartford politicians, according to Barbara Crouch, her Republican challenger.

“Cathy Osten is grandstanding when she should be explaining how her votes have ruined our economy,” said Crouch. “Sen. Osten should spend more time apologizing for supporting tax increases, more regulations and less accountability by state employees.”

Osten had invited fellow lawmakers to the casino to discuss how elected leaders and business owners could address economic challenges in Southeastern Connecticut, including a Rhode Island lawmaker.
Crouch said the timing was political convenient for Osten, who understands her votes for the two largest tax increases in state history has resulted in stagnant wages, a loss of jobs and the flight of working people to other states.

“Sen. Osten is running scared because her record is catching up to her,” said Crouch. “The opulence and distraction of a seminar will not fool any voters. What we need are leaders who will honestly talk about what they will do to get our economy growing – for everyone.”

Crouch noted that Osten, who took a pay raise in her other job as First Selectman of Sprague, supports policies that are not business friendly and has no intention of changing her principles.
“What we need are elected leaders in Hartford that are willing to end corporate welfare, to lift people out of poverty by preparing them with accountable education while lowering the costs of doing business,” said Crouch. “Sen. Osten has long viewed free enterprise as a means to grow government rather than provide opportunity for families.”

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