Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"Our government is purposely broken" says Matthew Corey, 1st District Congressional Candidate

HARTFORD, CT - Matthew Corey, candidate for U.S. Congress (Connecticut - District 1), made the following statement regarding the current state of our Federal government and Connecticut's Congressional delegation in Washington:

"Our government is purposely broken  for the lust of power and we have fallen with our elected officials. Allegations of injustice at several Federal agencies are creating civil unrest. Connecticut’s Congressional delegation’s silence on this matter is deafening. One can only assume they are protecting this administration at the cost of a nation.

A recent editing of State Department recordings on the Iran Nuclear Deal is most alarming. We hear nothing from our representation. The government by the people and for the people has been cast aside. When a Representative comes home from Washington and speaks with their constituents and lies, they should be held accountable. I have watched Congressman Larson come home year after year and peddle the Washington talk. Since when does the rule of law have no meaning to people in power? His recent endorsement of Secretary Clinton speaks volumes of the corruption he himself embraces. One can understand why Senator Sander’s supporters are so upset about being disenfranchised by the political elites and insiders. If Secretary Clinton is to become President she is condoning selling the Presidency and country at a price to foreign and domestic influence. It mirrors Congressman Larson’s big money influence from donors.

One has to question how he votes on certain bills that hurt the American people or that he is completely incompetent. I also blame this on the agenda based media; how this country longs for the days of true journalism. If one looks at the career of Congressman Larson, the only one who benefits from his policies are the Larson’s and his influential donors."

About Matthew Corey

Matthew CoreyMatthew M. Corey was born and raised in Manchester, CT where he continues to reside. He graduated from Manchester High School in 1982 and immediately following graduation enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Corey was deployed to Beirut in 1983 and served until 1987. Upon completion of his military service, he worked for the U.S. Postal Service and then as a truck driver for the Teamsters (Roadway Corporation). In 1990, Corey launched a high-rise window cleaning company, Advanced Services International, and in 2002 opened McKinnon's Irish Pub in Hartford, CT.

To find out more information about Matthew Corey, upcoming events, and ways to get involved in the campaign, please visit www.coreyforcongress.org.

Campaign Contact:
Catherine Hirko
Campaign Manager
P.O. Box 173
Manchester, CT 06045
(860) 288-7220

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