Sunday, May 22, 2016

Update - Daily Mail - Stratfor: What Brought Down EgyptAir Flight MS804?


The Meaning of Jihadist Silence on the EgyptAir Crash

Two days after EgyptAir Flight MS804 disappeared over the Mediterranean, investigators have begun recovering debris and are now examining it for any signs of a terrorist attack. 
The fact that the plane, which was carrying 66 people, went down over water greatly complicates the investigation, and an official explanation for the crash could take months or years -- if it can be traced at all.
That said, the possibility of a terrorist attack is currently the leading theory, for the same reasons Stratfor noted in this initial piece (published as early reports of the crash were coming in late Wednesday evening, Central time). Now, while still gathering information about the crash itself, analysts are also listening closely to what is happening in the jihadist realm. And the lack of a credible claim for the supposed attack at this point raises duelling possibilities.

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Update - Daily Mail

How doomed EgyptAir flight MS804 spiralled out of control after being set ablaze 'just minutes' before the crash

  • Authorities feared flight MS804 was likely to have been the victim of a terrorist bomb attack when it went down
  • But experts, who sifted through new data yesterday, suggested an electronics fire may be a possible explanation
  • Theory makes terrorism seem 'less likely' as US authorities said their satellites detected no signs of an explosion
  • Information suggets fire filled flight deck before crash and smoke was detected underneath cockpit and in toilet

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