Thursday, March 31, 2016

Senator Markley - Capitol Update for 3/29/16

State Senator Joe Markley

In this update from outside the Senate chamber, Joe talks again about the budget shortages and why he was one of three senators who voted against the latest budget reduction proposal, comparing it to "shaking the change out of the sofa".

He also speaks on next year's projected billion dollar shortfall and his concern the legislature will go home this year, without addressing it.

Markley says we need long range plans to address unsustainable costs of the bureaucracy and the size of government.  Continuing on the current path will lead to an unrecoverable fiscal crisis.

Speaking of costs; there is the "bus way to nowhere" and its annual 20 million dollar deficit and snow removal issues.  $600 million is a lot to pay for a 9 mile bus way.

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