Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Matt Corey with Rep. Christi Carpino

Hartford, CT (March 28, 2016) — Congressman John Larson recently submitted an op-ed to the Hartford Courant titled “Republican Congress Fueled Trump's Rise.” Matthew Corey, candidate for U.S. Congress for the 1st Congressional District, had the following to say in response to the Congressman’s editorial:

“Taking advice from Congressman Larson on what Republicans should do about Donald Trump being the front runner in the Republican race is like the Benghazi victims waiting for advice from Secretary Clinton.

Congress has an abysmal approval rating of 11%. Congressman Larson fails to come to terms with the fact that he is the problem and would rather deflect onto the Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump. The Congressman has already relinquished our voice by turning over Congressional powers to the Executive branch, along with regulatory agencies he refuses to reform. One doesn’t have to look far to see the dismal voting record the Congressman has had. He has voted “no” on every proposal Republicans have put forth in the last six years. With votes like that, we can only assume the Congressman is doing pension time at this point. Looking at some of the bills the Congressman voted against should be discouraging no matter which party you are affiliated with. For someone who never served in the armed forces during the Vietnam era, you would think Congressman Larson would would have at least voted for the Veterans Accountability Act in honor of those brave men and women who served in his place, along with all others who have been called to service. He just couldn’t see past the partisan politics in Washington. Instead, he continues allow veterans to suffer in a government run institution.

As we delve into his poor track record of job creation, we need not look further than the City of Hartford. Recently, 1,000 applicants applied for 300 positions at the new baseball stadium, the vast majority of those jobs paying a meager minimum wage. We then look across the river to his hometown of East Hartford where manufacturing jobs and small businesses have been on the decline for years.
I think I will pass on taking advice from a guy who has lived off the government his entire life. What I think the Congressman should do is look at his own record in Congress and defend that to his constituents, rather than hiding in obscurity. You need to ask yourself this question, Congressman: If you haven’t accomplished in 18 years what you went to Washington for in the first place, then when?”

About Matthew M. Corey
Matthew McKinnon Corey was born on January 11, 1964 in Hartford, CT to Frederick T. Corey and Marie Jean Corey. He graduated from Manchester High School in 1982 and immediately enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was deployed to Beirut in 1983 and served honorably until 1987. Upon completion of service, Matthew worked for the U.S. Post Office and later as a truck driver for the Teamsters (Roadway Corporation). In 1990, Matthew launched his high-rise window cleaning company, Advanced Services International, and in 2002, opened McKinnon's Irish Pub in Downtown Hartford. Matthew has always lived his life knowing the value of hard work and what it is like to own and operate businesses in Connecticut. He “is the working class for the working class” of Connecticut. To donate, volunteer, or learn more about Corey for Congress, call 860-985-6104 or visit www.coreyforcongress.com.
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