Friday, January 01, 2016

Dan Lovallo Returns to WDRC

Dan Lovallo

A day long awaited.

After many years, Dan Lovallo is scheduled to return to the airwaves at WDRC-AM.  Beginning this Monday, Dan's program, "Front & Center", will air weekday at 12:00 high.
The focus of the program will be  business and technology (no doubt a little politics will be worked in) and his first guest will be State Rep. Selim Noujaim from the Waterbury area.  Dan says Salim
will make a great guest to kick-off the program, talking about his business in Waterbury and his service on the state legislature's Commerce Committee.
The program can be heard on WDRC AM 1360 Hartford, WSNG AM 610 Torrington, WWCO AM 1240 Waterbury, and WMMW AM 1470 Meriden.
Welcome back, Dan!


  1. Great to see Dan will it the airways again....too bad it's content will be built around "business & technology".... I don't think it will draw the audience DRC hopes for.
    DRC made another ridiculous change by eliminating the 6 AM to 10 AM talk slot & replacing it with music...yep...MUSIC... A political move by DRC... the only reason Brad Davis morning talk show is not removed yet is he brings in the $$$ in commercial slots...DRC will be losing a lot of listener support with this change on Saturday morning...

    1. DRC can't seem to get it's act together since the reign of Dave Thatcher ended. They messed up big time when the fired Dan; no warning, no notice, nothing. THAT really pissed off a huge part of the audience, including me.

      One day, Davis lamented on-air that so many of the old regulars stopped calling in to his program. I called him and pointed out that they weren't calling because they stopped listening to the station, because they fired Dan. (including me for the most part; even today, I only listen on rare occasions) Brad did not like hearing that, but it is true.

      At least they gave Terzi, and more importantly, the listeners, some notice and a chance to say their goodbyes.

  2. Dan always respected the callers.
    He never cut them off, even when he did not agree with them.
    John Bodnar


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