Friday, October 16, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Mayor should debate Opponent

To the Editor:

On October 13th, the Middletown Press published an article announcing the only mayoral debate scheduled this Election Season. Hosted by the local chapter of the NAACP, I believe this will be a pivotal debate for the citizens of Middletown, mainly the undecided voters, and I’ll take this time to thank the NAACP for hosting the debate. Thank you. I’ll also take this time to announce that after counseling with my campaign staff; I have not decided to challenge a position within this debate.

The message I’d like to relay with this letter is this: In the October 13th article by Robert Mayer (An Excellent Journalist), Dan Drew says something very suspicious. “While I don’t consider myself a particularly strong debater, I plan to lay out the plan for the city as my administration would see it and let the voters decide,” Drew said. “It’s always great to get out in front of the people and talk about the issues and I’m excited for the opportunity to do it.” Well, hell, I’m new to politics, and the first thing I expected was a debate, and not just one, but many! A debate is what the people need to decide the right leader for our City. Sandra and Dan can knock on doors, and send out flyers, and put up lawn signs all they want, but it doesn’t tell the people who these people are, and why they are fundamentally different, and best for the city.

Mr. Drew, if you plan to just show up and spew your lies and your “plan” for this city (which just supports more lies), you will rightfully be destroyed by Sandra Russo- Driska, who has an actual plan for how to move this city out of the hole you continue to dig for us, economically, socially, and governmentally. I’m not going to discount myself either. I have offered to debate you, Dan, since the inception of my campaign. I believe the terms I used was “Anytime, Anywhere, in front of anybody. Not only have you never responded, you’ve never acknowledged my existence. That’s fine. Come Election Day you will know the name Brian E. Clark.

People of Middletown, this election is crucial. The next Mayor will be in office for 4 years. Getting out to Vote is necessary, learning about the people on the ballot is imperative! On October 19th, at the DeKoven House at 27 Washington Street, you will get to know the difference between the line between the truth, and the lies. I will be there to meet and greet anyone who would like to meet me. Not only will Sandra Russo- Driska be telling you how she will turn this city around and restore the Mayor’s Office to the people of Middletown, but I’ll be there too, to share my vision for the City, and we’ll both do it at Dan Drew’s expense.

My name is Brian E. Clark, and I am running for Mayor as a Write in Candidate. I approve this message.


  1. Dan claims he wasn't "approached" by WLIS 1420 WMRD 1150 so, he will not be participating in a debate on the radio. This is a bogus excuse. Last year, I helped organize a debate between Matthew Lesser and challenger Angel Fernandez. Unless memory fails me, it was I who initially approached WMRD. Don Decesare. VP/GM was more than happy to host and moderate. I think the mayor is chicken; he knows Sandra Russo-Driska will clean his clock and does not want it to be heard all over Connecticut.

  2. Bill, We know this Mayor is full of excuses why he can or cannot do something. I have made a declaration not be negative, so I'll say this. I'm saddened. I'm saddened for the people of Middletown, and their not getting a chance to hear the debate, and the differences between the candidates. On Monday, 10/26, we "kind of" had an opportunity to "debate" at the Westfield Residents Association Meet & Greet, but their were no rebuttals, only our time to speak to the people. Call it negative or not, I told the facts. And to address my comment at the end, saying to the people that everything that comes out of Dan Drew's mouth is a lie, and to research it, and make an informed decision. Well, negative or not, it's the truth. Thank you all for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to run for Mayor of Middletown. I will always keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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