Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Mayor should address Columbus statue vandalism

Letter to the Editor by Write in candidate for Mayor Brian E. Clark:

With a tad over 2 weeks to Columbus Day, unfortunately, our great statue of  Christopher Columbus at Harbor Park, was apparently the target of vandals, I discovered today, as went to take my dog for a walk this morning. Typically, this wouldn’t be something I would write about, but rather I would just report to the City, and make sure I would follow up on, to ensure that the vandalism was removed- which I still certainly intend to do. What makes this sad story even more unfortunate, is that when I reported it to our Mayor, Dan Drew, my report was completely ignored.

I’ll be the first one to admit, that Mr. Drew and myself, do not see eye to eye on mostly everything. However, I didn’t think this was a political issue, whatsoever, and hey, there’s an issue, he was the most appropriate individual to get the right people on the job, to get this atrocity corrected, and we can move on to being pissed off at each other again. Well, apparently he didn’t see it like that. I reported it to him directly, and he didn’t even bother looking at it. The end. Again, this wasn’t a political issue, and being close to Columbus Day, and being in a Public Park where children could view this, my major goal was getting ahold of someone who could get the right people on the job to get this cleaned up. So, being blown off by the top dog, I went down the list of Councilmen; both Republican and Democrat, until someone got the job done. Who was that? Hope P. Kasper got on it 5 minutes after I contacted her. I’m glad Hope could see beyond party lines, and see that this is just what it was; an issue that needed to be corrected. The end.  Thanks for being there for the citizens of Middletown, Hope. Mr. Drew, you could learn a thing, or two, in class and how to be a team player, from the person you made sure wouldn’t get a spot on the Democratic ticket.

Brian E. Clark

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