Friday, October 30, 2015

A message from Council Candidate: Jon Pulino

Jon Pulino (R) for Common Council

(R) Jon Pulino Candidate for Common Council

I currently serve as Chairman of the Northern Comcast Cable Advisory Board, The Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Assessment of Appeals in my hometown of Middletown. As an elected and appointed official, I take my jobs extremely seriously and diligently in order to get the work done for the people-as it they who I am working for. This local pride and work ethic began many years ago when my grandparents came from Rosalini, Sicily in 1951, it was this local responsibility that stuck with me and has carried over to my career as a public school teacher and as an elected official.  As the chairman of the Northern Comcast Cable Advisory Board, I worked with the board’s members to create a scholarship for high school kids in memory Justin Hinds, a local student that died of cancer.  As a member of The Board of Assessment Appeals, I attended over 300-tax appeal hearings in two years, while voting in favor of taxpayers whom I felt were being overtaxed by the government.  The point is that when I am asked to take a role in local government, I do it with pride and integrity as I realize that I am here for the people and nothing else.

Visit my facebook page: JonPulino4Council

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  1. Great person and an amazing teacher who always gives 100% at MHS in Meriden.

  2. Highly educated candidate,its about time! We need Pulino!

  3. I have to admit I like the program he does with Wilson, I find it informative and entertaining, I wish still had Comcast in order to see those guys!!

  4. According to the Republican website all local Comcast programs air on the Channel 99 Frontier Television as well. Thanks, K

  5. Good luck, John!

  6. This guy is a hard worker


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