Thursday, August 13, 2015

“Early Release” Convicts Charged with 35 Murders in 35 months

“Early Release” Convicts Charged with 35 Murders in 35 months

A parade of violent criminals back in prison for more violent crimes
Former State Senator Len Suzio, the leading critical of Connecticut’s controversial “Early Release” program announced that a partial review of the more than 30,000 convicts granted early release from Connecticut prisons indicates that 35 were incarcerated for murders and homicides following their prison discharge.
“Between May 18, 2012 and April 28, 2015, a period of less than 36 months, Early Release convicts were being re-incarcerated at the rate of almost 1 every month for killing another innocent victim. This startling statistic belies the catastrophic failure of Connecticut’s fatally flawed Early Release Program”, said Suzio.
“Even more startling is the fact that this statistic almost certainly understates the number of killings being committed by Early Release criminals because it is based on data pertaining to criminals who have been readmitted into Connecticut prisons. If a violent Early Release criminal has murdered another innocent victim and has not been apprehended and incarcerated they are not included in the 35 crimes identified by a review of the DOC data”, Suzio continued.
“Connecticut victims are being murdered at the rate of one every month but our governor and the Early Release architect, Mike Lawlor, continue to defend the law. How outrageous is Connecticut’s Early Release law? Criminals who qualify as “persistent dangerous sexual offenders” or “persistent dangerous felony offenders” are eligible for early release from our prisons even though these convicts by definition are “persistent dangerous” criminals. By definition a criminal who is classified as persistent and dangerous has a history of criminal convictions of dangerous and sexual crimes. These criminals are much more likely to resume their dangerous criminal behavior but they are allowed out of Connecticut prisons early if they take courses such as A history of the Philippines. Connecticut’s Early Release Law is fatally flawed and must be stopped before even more murders are committed by unreformed criminals. The Governor, Mike Lawlor and the Legislature are failing their most important responsibility, to protect innocent citizens. If this law is not stopped the real criminals are those who failed to change it,” Suzio concluded.

Prepared by Len Suzio is a member of the Victim Advocate Advisory Committee and a former State Senator

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  1. I never heard about this from the local rags -- all of which endorsed Dan Malloy.


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