Thursday, August 06, 2015

Letter to the Editor: " Mayor's Lowering of Standards Comments to NAACP Insulting

To the Editor:
In last week's letter to the editor, I blasted Mayor Drew and his joint announcement with the NAACP for the lowering of standards for applicants to the city's police and fire departments by eliminating the EMT certification requirement, as an effort to "diversify" these departments. Clearly, this is just pandering to minorities during an election year.
I took offense to this because my four children are themselves minorities and I don't think they should be held to a lesser standard than their father because of it. Regrettably, when I shot off my mouth, I hit myself in the foot by impugning the entire Common Council, along with Mayor Drew and the NAACP, for sending the message that minorities cannot be held to the same standard as non-minorities because they are inferior.
Whether or not this change in the requirements for police and fire applicants is a good idea is debatable. There are good arguments to be made, both for and against. But let me make it clear that the Common Council is not guilty of making their decision as a means of pandering to minority voters. The blame for that lies fully on Mayor Drew and the NAACP leadership.
Not only is it time for new leadership at City Hall, but it seems that perhaps the NAACP may also be in need of a change in leadership. Maybe it is time to abandon the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in favor of a National Association for the Advancement of People. Shouldn't we stop looking at each other in terms of race or ethnicity? What a novel idea!
William Boylan, Middletown

Editor's Note: Mayor Drew's comment to the NAACP can be read in the June 22, 2015 Press Article :


  1. Even if standards were lowered for a logical reason Drews on the re CV otd for saying the were lowered to attract minorities. Terrible!

  2. Great points Bill keep up the good work & never be silent!


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