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An Open Letter from Timothy to Peter by Tim Lenox

An Open Letter from Timothy to Peter
From guest blogger Tim Lenox.

Dearest Brother,
Hoping this letter finds you well, I am looking forward to your return from your international travels.
Unfortunately, our country is not the same as when you left.  Many changes have taken place in such a rapid pace that many of us have been overwhelmed, over-stressed and burnt out dealing with them.  In an effort to spare you the shock of finding these things out the hard way, allow me to give you a briefing so that you may be better prepared.  
I’ve tried to keep it to a single sheet and even that takes both sides of the page.  I recommend a glass of dark bourbon or a single malt scotch with a heavy smoky presence while reading this as the taste of smoke can be a good palate-cleanser and you may need a stiff drink.
At the end of June 2015, the Supreme Court made 3 rulings which have changed the Rule of Law and the relationship of the government & the governed.  The real damage done was in the statements by the Judges which set legal precedents of unprecedented proportions.
The 1st was not talked about (except by Mark Levin) but turns out to be the most onerous.  It was the Texas Ruling which validated the use of Disparate Impact to imply Unconscious Racism and give the Federal Government the power to correct perceived inequities in Planning & Zoning at the local level of government.
The 2nd was the Obamacare Ruling and it did far worse than keep the ACA in place.  The way the judges reached the decision completely nullified Statutory Law.  According to this ruling, the Letter of the Law matters less than the perceived Intent of the Law.  This sets the precedent for ANY Amendment in the Bill of Rights to be reinterpreted according to what those in Power believe it to be.
The 3rd ruling concerning Gay Marriage nullified Common Law and Tradition, but the rulings imply that any Law can be changed and every person held accountable for it retroactively.  They allowed for religious institutions to maintain religious beliefs but did not protect them from prosecution for discriminatory practices, setting precedent for what is to follow.
George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek, who is now a Gay Activist) immediately declared on national TV that Religious Liberty is the next target, claiming, “… you may have a right to your religious beliefs but that does not give you the right to force those beliefs on me.”  It seems he now plans to force his beliefs on everyone else as his Civil Rights are more important than the Civil Rights of others.
Back in 2008, as a State Senate Candidate, I explained my belief that marriage should not be the purview of the government because Marriage is a Sacrament and the Government should not be involved in defining it.  The 1st Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …”  
Back then, I warned there would be gay activist couples going into churches, demanding their marriage be performed and suing any church not willing to do so for violating their Civil Rights.  Nobody believed me and several actually laughed at the idea.

Up to now, activists have been practicing this very tactic against small business owners.  Many GoFundMe campaigns have been used to save some of these businesses from bankruptcy, desperately trying to thwart obvious efforts at religious suppression, which include boycotts & court rulings with outrageous fines & gag orders.  With the Supreme Court on their side, these activists are now gearing up to do exactly as I had predicted.  Various online articles discuss plans to attack the Catholic Church in order to remove its non-profit charity status, as a start.
Internationally, the Gay Lobbies have been targeting different nations to redefine marriage & we’ve been made aware that the nation of Italy is next.  Unfortunately, it seems the Cardinals decided to inoculate the Church by electing a Pope from a socialist country who is embracing Communism and attacking Individualism.  I’ve heard sermons from pastors doing the same & have to find a new church to attend.  He is promoting the Manmade Climate Change Hoax, speaking out against perceived evils of Capitalism, condemning “over-developed countries” and instructing Catholics to give to charity even until it hurts by making necessities unaffordable.  It has been revealed that two of the Pope’s closest advisors are a Pantheistic Atheist (Earth is a Living Being & we are a Virus) and a Founder of the US Occupy Movement.
Back in the USA, the Obama Administration has wasted no time taking advantage of the 1st major ruling of the Supreme Court.  
AFFH (Affirmatively Forwarding Fair Housing) is rapidly becoming the most powerful government agency in US history.  It uses demographics to assume racism using Disparate Impact as proof to target neighborhoods which do not have enough diversity and force them to have Low-Income Housing in order to combat any perceived discrimination.  Minor laws resulting in too many minority arrests are being stricken.
Oddly enough, I also warned in 2008 of plans I had heard about for State Government to seize all authority over land use & education from local government, but again, nobody believed me.  Now the Connecticut State Legislature is creating County-Level authority to do just that.  
The worst part of this is AFFH collecting data on everyone living in the United States to build a data base that does everything the NSA is accused of but not allowed to do.  ALL data on EVERY resident, legal citizen or not, is being collected so that the Federal Government can determine which neighborhoods may be guilty of Unconscious Racism.
Data being collected includes Race, Sex, Ethnicity, Age, ALL Financial History, Credit History, Student Loans, Banking Information, Mortgage information, Home Dimensions, Property Size, Property Values, Energy Use, Employment History, Military History, Medical History, Insurance Claims History, Marital History, Criminal Records, Driving Records, School Records, Voting Records, Donation Records, et cetera.
This is the kind of data collection which eliminates any resemblance of the Privacy Rights or Government Restraint mentioned in the US Constitution.  This database in the hands of ideologues can be used for attacks on political enemies worse than the past & current misuse of the IRS.  Republicans should be concerned about this, but right now are even more concerned about how their own party has sold them out.
When the voters gave the majority of both Houses of Congress to the Republicans, it was with the understanding that they would stop the blatant destruction of their rights, the country, the economy and national security. What they got was Republican Leadership in both the Senate and House of Representatives working with Democrats to give President Obama everything he wants.  President Obama has issued only 4 Vetoes (only 1 since Republicans took control of Congress) because the Republican Leadership doesn’t send him Bills he won’t sign.  
Often, they won’t even hold a vote, saying that it wouldn’t matter.  So the people who elected them do not even see them trying to do anything except get along with Democrats & congratulate themselves on their Bi-Partisanship.  They’ve formed a New Majority of Democrats & Establishment Republicans, making Conservatives a smaller Minority than any Party has ever been throughout history.
It started in 2010 when the Republicans were given control of the House of Representatives & whined for 4 years that they could do nothing without the Senate.  Then they got control of the Senate in 2014 and immediately passed President Obama’s massive budget BEFORE the newly elected Senators could be sworn in to vote against it.  The Federal Budget was thus locked in for 2 years.  Then they voted to fund both the ACA (the Obamacare they promised to defund) & the President’s Illegal Amnesty which IGNORES the Law while importing the most massive invasion of illegal aliens in US history.  Remember when I mentioned the AFFH?  That program is being used to place Illegal Immigrants in key battleground areas so their illegal votes can overwhelm those of legal citizens to guarantee Democrat victories.  
Recent votes in the Senate have demonstrated how Mitch McConnell has become Stalinist as Senate Majority Leader.  He tells Republicans that they either vote with Democrats to give the President what he wants or face Primary challenges in their re-election races with the NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee) helping their Democrat opponents if they win those Primaries.  This has resulted in bills being passed which have surrendered our National Sovereignty in ways only conspiracy theorists could have imagined.  For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership gives a coalition of nations touching the Pacific Ocean the power to write our immigration laws.  Let me repeat that to be certain it is understood.  Other nations (such as Mexico) are going to WRITE our Immigration Laws!
The most egregious offense, however, was the May 7th vote on the Bill championed by Senator Bob Corker, which ignores the Treaty Provision in the US Constitution and reverses the way a treaty is ratified.  According to the Constitution, the President has the power to make a treaty with another nation but it has to be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.  According to the Corker Bill, the President can make an Agreement with all the powers of a treaty but it needs two-thirds of the Senate AND the House of Representatives to oppose it.  They have only 30 days with which to review it and assemble the votes needed to oppose it or else it is automatically considered ratified.
Read that last part over again very carefully until you realize just how much this violates the Constitution, then you will know how disappointed we are that Senator Tom Cotton was the ONLY Senator to vote against it.  It passed the Senate 98 to 1 (Barbara Boxer didn’t vote).  This means that ALL Senators currently running for the Presidential Nomination, including those who claim to defend the Constitution, voted to ignore the Constitution and surrender their Treaty Responsibilities assigned to them by the Constitution.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, President Obama had his “Executive Agreement” ratified by the UN Security Council before Congress could even review it, let alone vote on it.  Now we learn there are side agreements which the members of Congress are not allowed to read or even be told about before they vote.  If they don’t have a veto-proof majority in both Houses in 30 days, the Agreement becomes Law.
The groundwork for World War III has now been laid, Iran gets a Nuclear Weapon in a decade or less, they are developing ICBMs right now, the US will be required to defend Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Facilities from attack (a side agreement), US Sovereignty has been surrendered to the UN, Pacific Nations (Mexico) will be writing our Immigration Laws, the Supreme Court has nullified Statutory Law & Common Law, the President is building a massive database to be used in Federalizing Planning & Zoning Laws (& the police) and the Pope has declared war on Individualism.  

Meanwhile, Iraq & Syria are not what they once were because the Islamic State holds a third of each and we are told that all the atrocities they are committing is considered the fault of President Bush because he left too many people in the Middle East unemployed with nothing to do.  

So how was your year?                                                                                                                                                             --- Your Brother, Tim   7/31/15


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