Friday, June 12, 2015

Message from Treasurer Quentin Phipps: Hahahaha!

"Remember last summer when I hauled a bunch of people to city hall to testify that my treasurer job has a lot of duties? $4,000 strong baby! Still haven't been to a meeting, but I bet you saw me at the Memorial Day Parade and St. Sebastians's Festival?"


  1. OMG too funny!!! He pulls the ole "R" card last summer and brings in the church people who fight for Q saying, "Checks and balances and he's a great leader." Here is what Q does- he signs up for a bunch of committees and only shows up for the photo op, speech or parade.. A real leader! David Larson had him pegged correctly when he predicted to us in caucus that Q would pull what he did even though the city treasurer is a symbolic position. Good Job Q!

  2. You mean taking selfies at St.Sebby's


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