Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ObamaCare places unsustainable burden on self-employed and those employed by small businesses.

graphic credit: Dan the Tax Man
The following was posted by a dear friend of mine, on Face Book.  It is a tale that deserves to be told, as it is a tale that is bound to be experienced by many of our fellow citizens.  With the upcoming election fast approaching, voters need to consider the consequences of their actions (or inaction).  Do you, Mr. and Mrs Voter, expect anything to change when you keep sending the SAME people back to Washington and Hartford, time after time after time?  Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

Here it is:

"Well, so I get home today and discover a BIG envelope from ConnectiCare in the mail box. 
My pulse starts to go up, as it usually does with letters from them at this time of year.  My intuition rang true; my health insurance premium is going up by $111.70 a month; my husband's by $54.51 a month.

So, now my health insurance is $750.44 a month; my husband's is $380.25.  AND we each have a $5000.00 deductible!

HOW IS THIS FAIR? The insurance companies literally got a license to do what ever they want. Unless you work for the state, or a corporation, you are screwed.

People; please, this state and country need a change. This is wrong, this is sick! I don't always even make that much money a month!

We only go to the doctor if we are seriously sick. This is crazy!!!  Now we will pay $1130.60 a month for health ins, with two $5000.00 deductibles!  Someone tell me how this is right!"

$13,567.20 annual premium, plus $10,000.00 in deductibles = $23,567.20. This is crazy. I thought ObamaCare was supposed to reduce premiums by $2,500.00 per year?

How can the average working class person, who is not employed by the government or a generous corporation, be expected to afford this?

Remember in November; forget at your own peril.

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