Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Joe Visconti a Sociopath?

Last spring, when there was still snow on the ground, I was with Bob Ferguson and also appear in the commercial for gubernatorial candidate, Joe Visconti.  (see Courant article) Visconti has disappointed the majority of his original supporters by not keeping his word, and backing out of the race, when he failed to garner the Republican party endorsement.

This is too bad. With Joe's support behind Foley, Foley would handily defeat Malloy and sweep many conservatives into office, along with him. Joe's stature would have risen in the party and his political future would have been assured.

Instead, Joe discredited himself and has fractured the party and the Conservative movement; turning friend against friend. His future as a politician in this state is over; Visconti will never be elected to anything, ever.  Even if he were to back out at this moment, just 10 days ahead of the election, he has ruined his chances of it.  He knows it.

Visconti will not resign; he now pursues vengeance against those who left his camp, at the expense of every citizen in the state.  He is using his supporters for his plan of revenge.  When Visconti loses, he will dump his friends and move south.  He has convinced people that if the voters don't want him as their next governor, they deserve another four years of Malloy.  His behavior could perhaps be described as narcissistic; even sociopathic.

Thusrday night, there was a confidential meeting of patriots at an undisclosed location, in central Connecticut.  The meeting summary, follows:

We discussed the consequences Republicans loosing this election to Dan Malloy.  Dannel 88 is the worst governor this state has ever had!

If he wins reelection, "we will long for the days of Lowell Weicker", said our host. It will be taken as a sign that the NRA, CCDL, ASSF, and law-abiding gun owner generally, are irrelevant and can be dismissed.

In addition to a continuing decline in the economy, if Malloy gets re elected we can . . .

Home schooling to come under attack, with state inspections of homes for suitability as a teaching environment, state evaluation of parents as to their suitability to teach their own children, and state mental evaluation of home schooled students.
(At 6:45 PM Monday, at the Meriden Library, there will be a forum on this issue.)

Registration of all firearms, including muzzle loaders. Failure to register would be a Class D felony.

Micro stamping of all shell casings, driving up the cost of all ammo.

Fingerprint recognition trigger requirements on all future manufactured firearms sold in the state. This will suppress future sales by driving up the cost of a firearm, out of the reach of the poor and single moms, who need the means of self-defense, the most.  A fingerprint recognition requirement has forced at least one gun manufacturer to suspend sales in California.

Mandatory insurance policies on all gun owners and guns. Policy costs would be left up to insurance carriers, if any carriers would write such a policy in the first place.  The cost could well be beyond what most people could afford; potentially thousands of dollars.  It would amount to another type of registration scheme, using a private corporations as registrar. Failure to have an insurance policy would be a Class D felony.

Further restrictions on magazine capacity. of such magnitude it could effect double barrel shotguns! Class D felony

Gun confiscation. Senator Jason Welch of Bristol has assured me such a bill is waiting for the next session. I don't have the specifics, but I am certain that the firearms to be confiscated are those that were registered in accordance with S.B. 1160.  Could this lead to bloodshed?  Is this what Malloy and Obama want?  Tom Foley will not support any gun confiscation scheme.

Get a few beers into Senator Martin Looney or Senator "One shot" Eddy Meyer, or any other such ilk in Hartford, and they will admit they do not believe anyone should have a firearm, but law enforcement.

The consequences of a second term for Malloy are dire!  Visconti's continued, futile campaign, risks a second term for him.   It is not too late for Visconti to do the right thing, and bow out.  But will he?

A donor to Joe Visconti's gubernatorial campaign has filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission alleging a violation of state election law.|By Hartford Courant


  1. Personally I think Visconti is a nut job. But his candidacy is what our great country is all about. Republicans should be celebrating democracy rather than whining about how joltin Joe is ruining Foley's chances. Foley needs to practice some gun control because he keeps shooting himself in the foot.

  2. Joe is a fun guy, but really he may just cost the GOP the election. Good article BillBoy!

  3. Now that the dust has settled, the results have been tabulated, and the pundits have weighted in, I wonder if the author of this article would like to apologize to Mr. Visconti for slandering him. Every editorial and op-ed piece I've read the election have all said the same thing: 1)Visconti did NOT cost Foley the election, and 2)Foley was a weak, flawed, inarticulate candidate.

  4. Foley may well have been a weak candidate, but Visconti's refusal to withdraw and get behind Foley created a fracture in a segment of the Party and turned off who knows how many voters, who didn't bother to vote, when he finally backed out at the last moment. The author stands by his remarks; had Visconti kept his word and withdrawn after failing to primary and gotten behind Tom and the entire Republican ticket, Malloy would not now be governor.


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