Sunday, September 07, 2014

Police Accountability Using Readily Available Tehcnology

Ferguson Police Force Chose Not to Be Accountable

By Lee Bellinger at Independent Living News

The heat of the conflict in Ferguson has cooled, but my blood is still sizzling.
I learned this last week that the Ferguson police force had the means to prevent everything that transpired there.
They could have avoided the looting and the riots.
Shooting peaceful protesters with rubber bullets? It never would have happened.
Launching tear-gas into crowds? Wouldn’t have come to that.
If the Ferguson police department had just deployed technology they already have, they could have given definitive answers to all the questions raised by the shooting of Michael Brown. And they could have done it fast enough to render their ham-fisted handling of the aftermath completely unnecessary.
What amazing bit of technology could do all that?...(Read on)

After you have read through the post consider asking Middletown Police if they have this technology. This is much better than MRP assault trucks and other government gifted military equipment. This makes "Protect and Serve" a reality.
"'America gets upset when they see local police with militaristic-type gear and weapons,' said Brookfield Police Chief Robin Montgomery, a former special agent with the FBI who earned two Purple Hearts as a Marine in Vietnam. 'If the threat does not rise to the militaristic level, you need to be as low-key as possible.'
Being low-key becomes difficult when military equipment is deployed on Main Street, said David McGuire, staff attorney for the ACLU in Hartford.
'We have found there is an overreliance on this equipment where departments have used SWAT teams and armored vehicles to deliver warrants,' McGuire said. "That is inappropriate.'
The ACLU is lobbying the state legislature for a law requiring a local public hearing before a police department could apply for military equipment. The law would also require police to log each instance where the military equipment was used so that its use could be monitored..."
Also search by Connecticut town to see what's been supplied by Uncle Sam (CT Post) 

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