Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guestblog: Escalating War in Iraq caused by Obama's Incoherent Foreign Policy

     The situation in Iraq is declining quickly and this lays at the doorstep of Pres. Obama. Whether one agrees or disagrees with going into Iraq in the first place, the reality is that it was stable when Pres. Obama came into office. He signaled a draw-down which the insurgents simply waited for. Democrats are very good at turning victories into defeats. They did the same thing in Vietnam which was effectively stable after Pres. Nixon left office and would have simply been divided like Korea. Instead, the Democrats in Congress cut any funding that would have assisted the South if the North invaded and the communists just walked into Hanoi. Anyone who tells you Vietnam was a US loss is not telling the whole story. Pres. Nixon negotiated a peace after he bombed the hell out of the North. It was that treaty that brought POW's like Jon McCain home. Pres. Nixon promised the South that the US would send military assistance if the North violated the peace treaty. When Democrats in Congress made funding for Vietnam illegal, the communists simply took the South knowing the US would do nothing. The communists then took over South Vietnam and murdered about 1 million people, including those who worked with the Americans, and many were sent to barren areas of the country to starve to death. The anti-war crowd didn't talk much about the slaughter that occurred there after we left Vietnam to its fate.

      I don't mind going to war, but if one goes to war, it requires a commitment to see the cause through. The Democrats are simply naive about the world and Pres. Obama's incoherent foreign policy reflects that. So, American troops appear to have sacrificed in Iraq to basically hand it over to Iran or fundamentalist Muslims. The Democrats today are not of the same ilk as Roosevelt or Truman in terms of foreign policy. Today's Democrats would have happily handed the world over to the Nazis or the communists. They have no commitment to defending freedom or even America's own interests. When America draws back from the world, it becomes a more dangerous place because every dictator and ill-intended leader in the world becomes emboldened and decides they can do as they please. In that sense, Pres. Obama's legacy will be leaving the world a more dangerous place. Pres. Obama's jetting around to golf courses this weekend while the situation blows up in Iraq is deplorable. There is far more decisive leadership in a bankrupted Kiev than in this White House.

Wyatt Kopp, Connecticut


  1. Right, because there hasn't been fighting in the middle east for over 1000 years.

  2. Right Darrell that makes it ok


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