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Tom Foley comes to Middletown

Greetings Patriots!

                                                     GREETINGS PATRIOTS -- April 1, 2014


We urge you to attend all or part of the huge gun rights rally at the Capitol this coming Saturday, April 5. People from all over the country are on their way. And it's more than just about gun rights. It's about Human Rights and the slippery slope we've found ourself on because we've been too pre-occupied for too long. The rally starts at Noon. Arrive early for a good parking place.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League ( is hosting the event. There will be intense security. Keep your eyes open for disruptors. The gun grabbers can't be trusted.

Oh, and Palin Smith will be one of the featured speakers. So listen closely.


Governor Malloy Protest Rally and Public Forum ~ April 3

Governor Dan Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy (Vanna White) Wyman are hosting their 5th town hall meeting in East Hartford this coming Thursday, April 3.

If you're not familiar with these events, come check it out. We will hold a 45 minute “Malloy Must Go” rally starting at 6 PM. The Governor's forum starts at 7 PM. From 10-17 people usually get to exchange conversation with him. Get there early to sign up to speak. Ask a question or make a statement. Here's the video play list from last week in Enfield. We've attended the first four public forums.



One of the most significant trends in CT politics is the rate at which incumbent state reps and state senators are retiring. A despicable nemesis for personal freedom, “single-shot” Ed Meyer, has made his announcement. Waiting in the wings is Ted Kennedy Jr., a Branford resident. Looks like the Dems are grooming the late US Senator's son to take over for Rosa DeLauro, when and if she ever relinquishes her dominion in the 3rd congressional district.



It's official. State Senator John McKinney, the architect of the unconstitutional gun ban/10-shot magazine limit law has anointed another gun grabber as his heir in the 28th district. To be a stunning success, our McKinney Must Go movement needs only to block Mr. McKinney from getting the nomination for governor.

The political landscape is opening up for new people. We hope more conservatives and 2 A people would take up the challenge.



One of the joys of life is watching our new recruits mature from reluctant patriots to leaders. Firefighter John Cinque from Branford is a regular guest on radio stations in several states. John reports the news about CT Liberty for an eager listener base in red state America.

Last week we joined John for an excursion to find our patriot roots in the “Quiet Corner”. We first stopped at General Israel Putnam's final resting place, identified by a magnificent monument stationed in the center of Brooklyn.

And concluded the tour at the Nathan Hale Cemetery in Coventry.

Cinque's notoriety began at a town hall meeting in North Haven hosted by State Senator Len Fasano and David Yaccarino. If we had not attended and recorded the event, all that has followed might have been lost. The history books now have a record of the instant that men and women in Ct finally said, “NO, we will not comply!”

In celebration of that meeting, on April 22, 2013, we are attempting to get the exact same venue on the exact same day in three weeks. If you were present at this meeting, we ask you to help obtain the permission to reprise the event, but with one new angle. We hope to make it a Grass Roots Caucus to Select Challengers to Yaccarino and Fasano.
More details if we get the Gym at the North Haven Rec. Center.



Last Saturday we has a tidy protest rally at the Governor's Mansion on the Hartford/West Hartford town line. For three hours we had fun at the expense of the Governor. Malloy returned from running a 5K race in Newtown where he came in #95. And when he arrived back home he saw this.

And one of his rivals, West Hartford's Joe Visconti, was on hand to punctuate the rally in his own special way.



Many groups usually tied to the Democrat Party have been reaching out to Joe Visconti.
One of the strongest is unions. It seems that the rank and file are not so hot for Dan Malloy's reelection, but are terrified of a potential Governor Tom Foley. If you are a union member or know anyone who is, please share the link above. The meeting in East Haven is the first of many Visconti expects in the next several months.

April 9 at 7 PM
Foxon Firehouse Hall
1420 N. High st. in East Haven Ct.

Joe Visconti is making friends across a rich and broad spectrum of political diversities.
People see Joe as an authentic person. He's comfortable in his own skin. Thousands of people in the building trades look at Joe the Carpenter as a person they can trust to best represent them as a leader to help accelerate the economy on an economic playing field that is fair and business friendly.



My friend Rick Poach from Woodbury has been writing political satire in the form of poetry for a long time. He's put together a book and needs our help to get it “kick started”. You might remember Rick from the gun hearings last year. He knew where the camera was and talked directly to us. Help him reach his goal and get a first edition signed copy.



Prior to the gun rally at the Capitol you can see several Republican candidates for governor discuss the issues at the Pomperaug High School in Southbury. Starting at 9 AM.


"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Palin Smith


We just obtained a copy of a live TV Republican gubernatorial forum originally broadcast at 9 PM on March 20. Martha Dean, Mark Boughton and Joe Visconti were the only three of six candidates who attended. The following play list is under construction. It will show the entire Marty Heiser Show in several segments, but totally unabridged. We think you will be amazed when you view it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Yep, Even more Musings from a Former elected and appointed official.

Yep, Even more Musings from a former elected and appointed official.

1)   What the hell really happened between Matthew “Spanish Caucus”* Lesser and Jerry's Pizza?  Was Matty drinking more than club soda with lemon the ACCIDENT night? Isn’t it strange that the 1st officer on the scene was Officer Bartolotta, husband of Democrat Councilwoman Mary “Looker” Bartolotta?  Where is Matt’s Ford Focus?  What the hell is a Ford Focus anyhow? Can Matt Focus on the road? Did Matt really drop anything that night? Was Jim O’Rourke anywhere the scene? (Probably not because nobody is dead.)  What is the exact extent of former fire chief John Lockwood’s injuries?

2)   Why are the Democrats allowed to question the ethnicity of Meriden Mayor Manny Santos, a native from Portugal who has an ethnic sounding name, but actually appoint Lesser’s appointment to the Democratic Spanish Caucus in Hartford?  Does Matt look like Coronado or Freddie Prinze Jr, nope he looks like Alfred E. Newman, but he claims he has Argentinian blood on his maternal side so it qualifies him to be in the caucus. If those rules apply for Matty, why is Mr. Santos left out in the cold? Answer:  Another example of Democratic hypocrisy at its finest! 

3)    Hey you politicos with no life! Take a hard look at State Senator Dante Bartolomeo and notice one thing: she is never alone.  Her entourage is so long and big it is something that Elvis would be envious of.

4)   Guess who I am?  I am an elected official who owns five cars and a ton of land in Westfield but I pay very little taxes.  I will protect my friends when I have to and promote their selfish agendas, but at the end of the day, I am the guy on the bike who doesn’t own a television. (Note: I own a smart phone and a ton of Macintosh products, which show DVDS, but to not own a TV is a cool thing.)

5)   If the Connecticut Common Core is such a wonderful thing, why is it being delayed?  Did you know that the people that created this were not teachers, but were yes men and government insiders?

6)   Rumor has it that Todd Philips and Bradley Cooper will be filming The Hangover Part IV and the Remington Rand brewery next fall.   In this third sequel, the gang gets together to restore and old house in the North End of Main Street in order to keep it out of the The Connection’s hand.  In order to smooth over their image, the groups calls their company Blue House LLC and claims they are not interested in MONEY.  Unfortunately, Zack Galifianakis’ character releases the bill or sale form to the public exposing the Smurfpack as moneygrubbers like everybody else!

7)   How much money do you think Lee Harvey Oswald and John Hinckley Jr. would make at the local gun by back?  Answer: None, criminals do not sell their guns back for money.

8)   Quentin Phipps invades the mayor’s office! This should be good, wait until you try to get rid of him.

9)   Metro Square + Bob Landino- Imagine you need to complete a home improvement project at your home. Let’s say you want to build bigger and better kitchen.  What usually happens in these cases is the consumer seeks out estimates from different contractors and the buyer will pick the one they like best; usually price is major factor.   A few weeks ago, one of government committees heard bids from four contractors to begin planning the Metro Square do over project.  Here is where it gets interesting, the fist three contractors, including the folks that worked on West Hartford’s Blueback Square, all put in a bid for $25,000 to commence work on the project.  The members of the committee voted ‘no’ to these bids, enter former State Representative and developer Robert Landino.  Landino, Mayor Dan Drew’s number one contributor, submitted a proposal of $80,000 to commence work on Metro Square.  Guess what firm was picked? Yep, $80,000 was picked by Drew and his crew to do a job that the West Hartford people could have completed for $25,000.  When your taxes go up, remember that you read this tiny little blurb and vote a different way.  Trust me you won’t!

10)                  Lights on the Portland Bridge- After all that hype, where are the lights, Mr. Mayor?


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