Sunday, March 30, 2014

Musings from a former elected official!

Okay it’s Sunday again and I’ve finally got time to think about the past week. 

First off, I’ve just finished reading Anne Perry’s 5 book series on WWI.  I have to admit that I am somewhat ashamed that I really haven’t thought about what a horrible war that was.  My grandfather was in Europe during that war and I regret that I never talked to him about it.  The books were very moving, disturbing and extremely thought provoking.  One of the points that I brought away from the reading was that power is dangerous but you cannot force people to submit to what is against their nature; you may be able to “rule” them but there will also be some who rebel.

The Middletown Press has an article about the start of the job search for a new Fire Chief.

Problem is I think that’s a bit wrong.   According to the article, the list of candidates has been reduced to three or four and an interview committee has been formed.  That surely doesn’t sound like a start to me; I wonder how they got the list??  I checked the City’s website for open positions and Fire Chief is not listed??  The new additional position of Deputy City Counsel / Attorney is listed though.

Although I would have liked the Press to give more information about the search process for these positions such as where did they advertise, how many responded, what are the job descriptions and have there been any changes recently.  More information is always appreciated but the main question that I’ve is regarding the issue of residency.

From what I am aware of, all non-union directors must reside in Middletown.  The retiring Fire Chief moved to Middletown just prior to his appointment to the position.  Do all of the candidates under consideration currently live in Middletown or have concrete plans to move here? Same question for the Deputy Assistant Counsel position.

Although I do have to say that it’s refreshing to think that in Middletown, we’ve got such a deep pool of qualified candidates.

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