Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Nonsensical Logic Used to Justify Marijuana Factory in City Building

 Below is a letter to the editor regarding last night's approval of a lease space at the municipality owned Remington Rand Factory Building to Greenbelt Management to manufacture medical marijuana.The views expressed may or may not express those of the Insider Staff. 
Once again, the Democrats on the council have used irrelevant or nonsense arguments to justify their decision. Why? Because it's a bad decision and there are no valid arguments. Councilman Berch says that this is the same as leasing to a poker chip manufacturer, because gambling is illegal in most states. Sorry. Incorrect. There's no federal law against manufacturing poker chips. After Councilmen Pessina and Bibisi stated that their principles would not allow them to approve the lease, Councilman Berch said that principles were fine, but he was voting in favor of economic development. What? Money trumps principles? 

 That sounds like the guiding light of the Democrats on the current council. Councilman Santangelo says that the difference between a medication and an drug is where it's sold. Sorry, but the difference is whether medical professionals agree that there is a therapeutic benefit to a substance and whether it is used as prescribed. 

When the Connecticut Legislature decided to allow marijuana for medical uses, I don't recall hearing from the American Medical Association, National Institute for Mental Health, Center for Disease Control, or any other competent, recognized medical organization or professional. I do recall hearing about testimony from users of marijuana. Not exactly a fair, unbiased hearing on which to make important decisions. I've also seen a number of studies on the deleterious effects of marijuana use. Haven't found any studies showing a positive benefit. At best, the studies show mixed results, with numerous side effects, including measurable impairment of mental function with short-term use and measurable, non-reversible impairment of mental function with long-term use. And, it's psychologically addictive. One study seemed to show that Tetrahydrocannibinol extracted from the plants can be provided in in measured dosages and produces positive benefits, with few or no side effects. 

Why would you want to smoke it? Doesn't sound like the proponents are after medical treatment. Anyone with information on other studies? Please, let me know and I'll revise my opinion.
Should I even start on the second-hand smoke issue?

The bottom line is that the cultivation of marijuana is illegal under federal law. There is nothing the state of Connecticut or city of Middletown can do to make it legal. As I said last night - If Greenbelt Management plants marijuana in a city-owned building, the common council and city are an accessory to a crime, since the council voted to approve the lease, knowing the purpose to which it will be put is illegal under federal law. Since they did know the ultimate purpose and are assisting by providing space for the illegal activity, wouldn't that also be conspiracy?

Any lawyers in the audience? You’re welcome to comment or correct my interpretation.
By the way - congratulations and thank you to Councilmen Pessina, Bibisi and Councilwoman Salafia. You did the right thing.

Ken McClellan
Middletown Republican Town Committee President

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