Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Orignal Names that The Insider toyed with prior to becoming the Insider!

Original Names for The Middletown Insider

1)   The Nor’wood we Tell You Digest
2)    Trust Us, you Know you want to Read us Times
3)   We’re not who you think we are!  GAZZETTE
4)   We have members that actually look up to minorities Times
6)    The EXPOSE* Please Don’t get upset with us that we report what YOU DID
7)     The Matthew Lesser is really Spanish Culture Review
8)     The Dan Drew wants to spend $750,000 for exotic lights on the bridge while the Economy Sucks Science Monitor.
9)      The “They make that much” on Government grants Times
10)   The Masselli/Lami Daily-
11) The Colonel Times
12) The How much did the DEMS spend NOW Review!
13) The Backstabbing Democrat Digest (Hey, I wanted to Run!)

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