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May 30, 2013


State GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. today released the following statement in reaction to the most recent power grabs and lack of transparency by Governor Dan Malloy and legislative Democrats.

“As the legislative session comes roaring to a close, Governor Malloy and one-party Democrat rule continue with an unprecedented abuse of power – under cover of darkness and hidden from the general public and accepted practices of legislative transparency.

“A bill to deny the public’s right to know was crafted in secret. A proposal to provide drivers licenses for illegal and undocumented immigrants was rammed through in the middle of the night. The plan to violate the will of the people by casting aside the Constitutional spending cap is being shoved down taxpayers’ throats without so much as a public hearing. 

“Governor Malloy and the legislative Democrats have demonstrated utter disregard for the legislative process, while they sneer at the transparency Connecticut citizens deserve.

"It is outrageous that the State budget has been crafted without any public input. It's bad enough that our one-party rulers have shut out the Republicans - but now they are set to vote on a budget that - just like the secret bill to block FOI - was negotiated in a back room between the Democrats and Malloy. 

“This is not open and transparent government and it is just one more example of Malloy's disdain for the taxpayers who will end up paying for this budget - he won't even let them know what's in it before sticking them with the tab.

"When will Connecticut taxpayers find out about the budget? An hour before it is taken for a vote?"


Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information Chief: “Dan Malloy is trying to tear apart the Freedom of Information Commission.”“’He's no Ella Grasso,’ Smith said Thursday, referring to the governor who got the legislature to create the state Freedom of Information Commission in 1975, after the Watergate scandal. ‘Ella Grasso gave us the [FOI] commission and she was a true champion of the people's right to know. Dan Malloy is trying to tear apart the Freedom of Information Commission.’” (“Malloy, The Supposed 'Transparency' Governor, Blasted As 'Foe Of FOI',”Hartford Courant, 5/24/13)

Malloy’s new massive tax and spend proposal crafted in “closed door” meetings absent public hearing and debate. “Lawmakers have been working on the details behind closed doors on the plan that calls for spending $21.5 billion in the fiscal year that starts July 1 and about $22.3 billion in the following year.” (“Malloy, Democrats Reach Tentative State Budget Deal,” Hartford Courant, 5/26/13)

Democrats float proposal to manipulate democratic process for political gain. “The working draft of the omnibus campaign finance bill would bar the use of the word “independent” in political party names. It’s a change that would force the Independent Party of Connecticut—which cross-endorsed several Republicans in legislative and Congressional races— to change its name. (“Republicans Call Move To Abolish Independent Party ‘Power Grab’, CT News Junkie, 5/29/13)

Democrats ram through proposal providing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants – buck GOP proposals to study the idea. “The Connecticut state Senate has approved a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, surmounting Republican opposition.” (Connecticut lawmakers approve driver's licenses for illegal immigrants,” FOX News, 5/30/13)"

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  1. The democrats have two lines in the democratic line and the Working families line. They don't want the republicans to have the same advantage as they do.

    This is un-American to say the least, but what else do you expect from the democrats in Hartford.


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