Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Current Law and Illegals in Our State

Below is a letter to the editor sent in by reader Dave Dahlgren. Dalhgren informed the Insider that weeks ago, he sent this letter to new station WTNH, as commentary on one of their stories. The letter has yet to be published. 
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Subject: current law and illegals in our state.

Erik for your info and the reason I raise the question of where an illegal
would need to drive to, here are the laws already in effect some dating back
26 years. I am not here to battle the particular issues or the exact wording
of them. My problem is the attitude that states can make laws outside the
scope of what their authority appears to be. The Federal government
regulates immigration and the second amendment regulates the right to bear
arms. I do understand you report the news rather than create it I also know
WTNH also does investigative reporting as well. Your consideration the
points I have brought up as being correct and news worthy are appreciated.

Here are the links that cover immigration and work.

Reading this I fail to see where they need to drive to without being in
violation of federal law to hire them if undocumented and not a citizen. I
find it more distressing the state will ignore existing federal laws and the
protections offered to the citizens through them. Beyond that if known
illegal why not turned over to federal officials that deal with that issue.
The comment could be made there are too many now but the root cause of that
is the lack of state government again not following federal regs.

I am not suggesting a witch hunt going door to door but every time someone
is found to be here illegally that they get turned over to the federal
immigration authority. Will people complain yes but it is federal law right
now and the fact that it may change is of no consequence. That line of
reasoning would allow me to drive over the speed limit because there is talk
about raising it in the future. Until a law is changed the existing one
should prevail.

The numbers I have seen tossed around are that we have approximately 85,000
illegal aliens in CT and 50,000 are of driving age. If that is correct that
would mean 35,000 are under driving age and in the school system. A little
math gives us the cost for those to be here at 35,000 X 12,000(the
approximate cost per student in public school)= 420,000,000. That is 420
million per year for education alone. Adding public health services, food
stamps, state aid for families, housing aid, cost for police involvement and
some number of them in the state prisons and jails and the numbers become
staggering and a real burden on legal tax payers.

If you want to honestly face facts this is a group of people that broke
federal law coming into the country, pay little to nothing in taxes, drive
without a license or insurance and use government services

Even worse on the second amendment adding to
regulations to rights that have verbiage that "these rights shall not be
infringed on", but a different subject for a different day but does set a
tone. The state government arrogance is a bit much on all fronts.
The text can be found here for that subject.


  1. Thank you for the intelligent article!

  2. How does someone that has no documentation receive food stamps and housing aid?


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