Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Conservative Round up: A Blue Print for Winning by Palin Smith

Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff. 

Yesterday in Tolland, Willington and Ashford the 2nd Amendment won a stunning victory in a legislative district that had been safe for Democrats for over a generation. Our current Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Wyman, represented the 53rd district prior to her becoming Governor Malloy’s pet remora.
In a glorious victory, Tolland's Sam Belsito, 2nd Amendment defender, gun owner and traditional conservative blew away his opponent in a 58-42 percent landslide. Nearly 60 volunteers helped Belsito in Tolland, Willington and Ashford. A combination of local Republicans, Tea Party patriots and the newly energized gun enthusiasts fought as a coalition of allies with one goal in focus - VICTORY.
Let this be a lesson for the CT GOP. They have been trying to market the "new Coca Cola". That's John McKinney's crowd of gun-grabbing RINOs who falsely believe that behaving like Democrats wins elections. The American people already rejected the new Coke.
Sam Belsito is the traditional Coca Cola, the standard established by Ronald Reagan. Awaken Republicans! If conservatives like Mr. Belsito can win in a strong Democrat district, they can win almost everywhere in the state. Only twenty-three (23) more seats won and Republicans control the House. It is within reach.
The Belsito win in the 53rd spotlights the importance of volunteers in a state district campaign. A highly motivated group of activists can work wonders when they know they are right.
We’ve been organizing Tea Party and 2A patriots into thirty-six (36) lists based on state senate districts. Many Republican Town Committee members are heeding the call, refocusing their long-range views in a similar manner. During the 2014 campaign we will seek to form winning coalitions just like the successful Belsito Blueprint.
We’ve been receiving inquiries from a new surge of people offering “to help in any way they can”. Many of these new patriots arrive via Facebook. Yesterday I spoke at length with Brian from Beacon Falls, who in his own words, summed-up everyone’s concerns. The former Marine said, "I did not spend my years in the Marine Corps fighting for some other country's democracy to watch it crumble away here."
That sentiment is pervasive throughout the grass roots Liberty movement blooming within Connecticut. We’ve allowed Connecticut to become a “blue” state by believing the other side’s propaganda, and letting apathy guide our decisions. Sam Belsito proved that Connecticut can be a living, breathing free state again. Please join the movement now so that on November 4, 2014 we can cast off the yoke of one-party oppression that has been smothering our beautiful Connecticut!
Some important upcoming events:
Please join Sen. Joe Markley, Ziggy, CT Oath Keeper President, John Beidler, Republican State Central newcomer, Pablo Soto, Americans For Prosperity CT - JR Romano and many more Friday, June 14 at 6 PM - 7:30 PM for a celebration of America and her Flag.
Gene Meccariello, founder of the new Plainville/Southington Tea Party will be hosting the 3rd consecutive Flag Day rally at the Center Green. Come on out for as much time as you can. Bring your own flag or borrow one from yours truly. Be sure to bring your family. Video from 2012:
Pomfret Community School
20 Pomfret St.
Pomfret Center, CT 06259
Republican State Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney will visit Pomfret to speak about the recently passed budget. This meeting was postponed in May to avoid a crowd of "angry gun nuts". McKinney is a co-leader in the legislature’s gun-grabber movement. He is a prospective contender for the Republican nomination for governor. Lt. Gov. candidate Penny Bacchiochi and Sen. Tony Guglielmo are also scheduled to attend.
Join us in the Quiet Corner to make sure Mr. McKinney’s visit is anything but quiet. There will be an ample supply of “John McKinney Must Go” yard signs for loan. Meet us at 6:20 PM for a 30 minute rally until McKinney arrives. Then attend the 7 PM meeting and ask tough questions. And speak up so we can hear you.
Last week in Cheshire we debuted the signs at the 4th anniversary Tea Party. We will welcome McKinney at every event he attends. When it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment, McKinney failed the test. He won’t get a do-over. http://youtu.be/8nYP766UnEg

Follow this link to the Facebook event page to see details. Marc Stolfi is an avid gun enthusiast, Tea Party patriot, my personal friend and fine family man. And a fabulous artist. Please make time to honor Marc and his contributions to the Liberty movement by attending the opening of his one-man show. Food and beverage is free. RSVP by tomorrow if possible so the caterer has a head count.

And to repeat last week’s discussion of Common Core:
Common Core is part of the UN sponsored Agenda 21.
Opposition to the Common Core (already established in CT) is growing rapidly all over America. Monday night (June 3) at the West Haven BOE meeting, Jessica Chiong, a parent and anti-Common Core activist gave her testimony.
If you’re concerned about Common Core in your schools (you should be incensed) follow these links. Jessica is the administrator of the Facebook page, STOP COMMON CORE IN CT. https://www.facebook.com/StopCommonCoreinCT?ref=br_tf
An additional article to help learn about Common Core. Do you want the UN to control your children’s education?
Lastly, Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day. We wish every family that receives this newsletter a safe, happy, loving weekend. All the issues we’ve been discussing in previous months affect Connecticut families. Don’t give up your rights. Take charge and change Connecticut history. What a great state we can mold if we start to squeeze the idiots out of Hartford!

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..
Palin Smith
Just a reminder: keep June 22 at noon open. We’re planning a 60-minute march in John McKinney’s home town, Fairfield. McKinney reached into our homes on April 4 and insulted the most law-abiding citizens in Connecticut. Payback time is here. To help familiarize yourselves with downtown Fairfield, we did some recon last Sunday. No problem finding parking.

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  1. Mr. Smith, you are so right. The Republican party is not going to regain control of this country until we stop trying to run candidates who exhibit traces of sanity. We must follow our true beliefs and run only the ideologically pure who can repeat and pursue our fevered delusions despite all evidence to the contrary. That is the path to long term success. I am sure that wonderful Wayne Winsley will be able to fully implement this policy when he becomes party chairman.


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