Friday, May 03, 2013

Wanted: Guest blogs from Veterans!

In honor of Memorial Day at the end of the month the Insider Staff is putting out the call for veterans and those with military background  to submit essay's. Join us in honoring our heroes.Topics are wide open and up to the digression of the author. Some examples may be political views on current national/state/local policies, why you enlisted, family life as an enlisted person, experience/thoughts regarding being drafted, coping with injuries, views on patriotism, thoughts on the epidemic of veteran homelessness, Hollywood's depiction of war, pre-  post enlisted life observations - really anything you would like civilians or other veterans to know. Did someone whom you met or lost while serving impact you in a special way? How can Middletown better serve its veterans? Any creative essays or poetry inspired by military  experience are certainly welcome as well. How has being enlisted effected you as a parent? Are you a relative of a veteran or enlisted person with a unique point of view? We would like to hear from you as well.

Another thought: If you were giving a speech to the graduating students of the Class of 2013 what advice would you give them?

We prefer signed essays, however, will post unsigned essays
from sources we can verify in special circumstances.
Please send essays in .doc or other text form. Any pictures you would like to accompany your post may be sent in .jpeg format to

If we are fortunate to receive enough,we can put essays  a CD we can donate to the Middletown VFW and Veteran Museum.

We would be honored to hear from you.The Middletown Insider staff Thanks you for your sacrifice!

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