Wednesday, May 01, 2013

South Fire Budget Increase Passes

South Fire District residents approved the proposed  budget for fiscal year 2013-2014 by a vote of 453 to 301.


  1. A CORRECTION is demanded. There is NO INCREASE in the South Fire District Budget that was approved on Tuesday. It actually is $1,252 less than the current budget. The Tax Rate remains the same for another year. You apparently were misled by information contained in a letter from a private citizen who for whatever reasons is one of the principal purveyors of mis-information about the South Fire District.

    Edward J. Creem Jr.

  2. Budget might be the same but commissioners sure got a bump in pay! So the budget is less? so where did the stipend increase come from? yes it is the job of private citizens to point out the errors and abuse of power of those high and mighty elected btw

  3. Demanded ? Thank you for pointing out this misinformation the post has been amended, we do our bet o get the facts correct but do not pretend to be perfect. We also posted both the for and against letters regarding the vote we received.

    You are welcome.

  4. Yes and you borrowed money from CNR and voted yourselves nice 50% raises. That is something you didn't tell the public, I wonder why.

  5. LMFAO - the Mess today has an article with quotes from Commissioner Creem's wife! Duh people of course she supports the budget which gives her husband in increase in stipend! Why didn't they ask her how she plans to spend it?


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