Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bueno Festa! Photos from St. Sebastian's Feast

Dozens of faithful took part in the Nuri at noon on Sunday on the streets surrounding St. Sebastian's Church. Participants wore white clothes with red sashes, carried flowers and shouted "Primo Diu Sebastiano!" A larger crowd watched the procession which went up Washington Street into the parish. Infants as young as 18 months old took part being carried in their parents arms. In the sister city of Melilli, Sicily the same celebration took place today.


  1. Its not Bueno Festa, That is not Italian

    Its Buona Festa.

    The feast in Melilli, Sicilia happened on May 04 as it has for many years. The date does not change every year.

  2. How embarrassing for us! We do apologize! Note- google translator is not a good resource!

    Thank you for the history lesson, we apologize if we may have offended anyone.


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