Thursday, April 18, 2013

City Receives Loan for Remediation, Welcomes Back Kleen Energy Explosion Contractors

The Mess published an article today that the state has already awarded O&G Construction LLC the contract for brown field remediation of land owned by Middletown Transit that the transit authority wishes to expland on.  Where was the public bid process??  Loan Middletown $1 million? That's like Middletown paying the state interest to allow ourselves to do the dirty work...LITERALLY!  O&G Industries is the the company that were the contractors of the Kleen Energy Plant at the time of the horrific explosion at the plant's construction site 3 years ago on February 7, 2010 that injured dozens and killed six people. O&G was found to have been in violation of a number of regulations leading up to the explosion. Although the state concluded in it's criminal investigation that no charges were to be filed ($$fishy$$). The Courant reported that Federal work-safety regulators issued more than $16 million in fines against O&G  its subcontractors and identified over 100 violations at the plant at the time of the explosion.

 And really, no one else can do this job?? Follow the money folks! So not only is Middletown welcoming back this company- the City has been told by the State this is who the City will HIRE to do the work at the Middletown Transit!
Rep. Matt Lesser, you "championed" the bill for gas line "gas blow" testing regulations, what say you about inviting the violators back??  Rep. Bartolomeo, Doyle, Serra- are any  of you listening? 
Judge Holzberg, you presided over the wrongful death cases, what say you?
Can any of you look the family in the eyes with a clear conscience?

Does anyone else find it offensive to those who lost their lives to give this company a second shot in so little time?

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