Friday, March 01, 2013

Tonight CPTV Premieres Documentary Connecticut’s Gun Fight

From CPTV Website:
CPTV Presents a New Documentary on the State’s Debate on Guns, Connecticut’s Gun Fight
Premieres Friday, March 1 at 8:30 p.m. on Connecticut Public Television (CPTV)
In light of the tragic December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, the state’s citizens and lawmakers have been grappling with our relationship with guns. In what circumstances is gun use reasonable? How should guns be legislated moving forward? And what measures could make the state’s gun laws more effective?
The new half-hour CPTV documentary, Connecticut’s Gun Fight – premiering Friday, March 1 at 8:30 p.m. on Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) – takes an in-depth look at guns and proposed gun legislation offering perspectives from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, lawmakers, gun manufacturers and more. Hosted and produced by Christina DeFranco, the program also examines what social and economic effects proposed gun law changes would have on the state.
Connecticut’s Gun Fight talks to lawmakers, including U.S. Senator Chris Murphy who offers his views on appropriate gun legislation on the national level. The documentary follows Vice President Joe Biden on his recent trip to Western Connecticut State University in Danbury for a panel discussion on gun violence. Host DeFranco also speaks with Attorney General George Jepsen and Senator Martin Looney, co-sponsors of the first assault weapons bill in Connecticut 20 years ago, who weigh in the effectiveness of the bill.
The documentary interviews Mark Malkowski, President & CEO of Stag Arms in New Britain. As one of the state’s largest manufacturers of the AR 15, Stag Arms is concerned how their operation will be impacted if the state broadens its definition of an “assault” weapon. Plus, with gun manufacturers like Stag Arms being courted to move their operations down south, would a change in state laws send business out of state?
Connecticut’s Gun Fight talks to members of the state police, who present a shooting demonstration and offer information on different-sized ammunition magazines. High-capacity magazines have become controversial since the Newtown tragedy since shooter Adam Lanza reportedly used them during his rampage. Law enforcement officials offer their views on the ammunition debate and discuss tightening up other laws in order to make it harder to purchase guns and help them crack down on criminals.
Connecticut’s Gun Fight is produced by Connecticut Public Television (CPTV).
Producer/Host: Christina DeFranco
Executive Producer: Jennifer Boyd

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