Friday, March 29, 2013

Mayor Drew Delivers Budget. Tax Hike. Serious. WTF

Serious. WTF!?


  1. We have to hand it to the Eye for a job well done on accurate quotes from the evening.

    Councilman Phil Pessina (R) Minority Leader

    "Mayor Drew and I, along with councilman Joe Bibisi, saw the path we needed to take to get beyond an election period filled with politics, to a period of getting down to doing the city’s business. He along with Democratic council members recognized the opportunity and need to work with our minority party. ...worked tirelessly to change the culture of politics as usual on the council for the benefit of our city residents. The hue and cry from the public was that we want government to work together not against each other."

  2. Tone deaf leadership - the hue and cry was for a government that works for the PEOPLE and not against the PEOPLE. A government working for the people is responsible with their money (doesn't bleed them dry), is transparent and is accountable to the PEOPLE.

    Phil Pessina lacks the ability to lead a one man parade out of the way of oncoming traffic. Middletown Dems found the weakest link and worked it. Well played!

  3. Phil Pessina doesn't even have the ability to lead a one man parade out of the way of oncoming traffic. Last year's budget debacle - he crafted an alternative budget then voted against it. I guess if you're looking for someone to lead you off a cliff, Phil's the man.

    Have to give credit when credit is due - Middletown Dems found the weakest link - well played!

  4. The reason I like this site, is the writer, writers, folks or whatever seem to bust up on any issue that is facing the town: GOP/DEM/Corruption etc.

    Some of the union stuff I don't get -yet, but the politico stuff I understand quite well from going to meetings. Thanks

  5. If Philly there is the weakest link, then Joe must be the missing link.

  6. Those two pukes are living fat off there pensions and have no idea what middle age families are going through on fixed incomes and rasieing young children in this community. Yes, the seniors are very important? But what we need is younger, fresh minds who want to make the future better not just live off egomaniacal interests like joe and Phil. Time for a flush! Retire already and make way for younger leaders. Those guys are in there 70-80s. How about some 40 year olds who are active in this community besides bingo hall politics.

  7. Why don't they have the new math genius with the financial mind depty chief figure out the budget? He figured out how to squeeze out money from the city ( not private contractors for road jobs) to make 145k as an acting captain with overtime, by working late. He figured out the numbers just right for him, so maybe he can do it for us peons trying to get by on a third of what he makes. But at least he's conected in town, oops, I mean lives in town, so it's ok. Nice job Danny boy. Any saving you made by tossing Deb out on a buy out was canceled out by that scam. Yet, the average worker can't get a "CPI" raise. More like a "TID" tax increase deduction! Time to move to a city that gives you legit services for your taxes, instead of less for more money.

  8. They sure are doing some crazy math to count non city money into the BOE budget increase.


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