Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter to the Editor: We have Serious Budget Deficit

Letters to the editor are published as a courtesty and do not necessarily reflective of the opinions of the Middletown Insider staff. 
Below is a submission from Middletown Republican Town Committee Chair Ken McClellan that he also sent to local media and local representatives of Middletown Paul Doyle (D), Dante Bartolomeo (D), Matt Lesser (D) and Joe Serra (D).

We have a serious deficit in the state budget.  I would like the state assembly and state senate, before they start looking for ‘new revenue’ to make up the deficit, to start looking at what the state is spending, and ask “WHY?”
In that vein, I have some questions about the state budget:  the state web-site, Connecticut Transparency ( has a very nice, searchable database of the state budget.  In exploring this site, I’ve found some expenditures that really don’t make sense to me.  I’d like my senators and representatives to check out and get some justification for these expenditures.
1.       Teachers’ Retirement Board has a line item for $26 million for Clothing and Footwear.  There is no explanation or detail.  Why is the Teachers’ Retirement Board buying clothing and shoes?
2.      State Comptroller has a line item for Other Statewide Payments, Gross Proceeds for $3 million, with no detail.  Where is this money going?

Ken McClellan,
Middletown, CT

UPDATE:   "I received a reply from State Rep Matt Lesser: He stated that this line description was a coding or data artifact, and it was unlikely that the money was spent on clothes and shoes. He did not offer to get it corrected, or offer an alternative." Ken McClellan

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