Monday, March 25, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Mr. Mayor Do Something with Empty Buildings

 Below is an open letter to Mayor Dan Drew submitted as a letter to the editor via facebook. All opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Insider blog or staff, and are published as a courtesy.
Dear Mr.Mayor

What are you going to do w/ all these empty building's? Because right now most of them can be turned into something that useful & make a lot of money. For ex. the old Waldbaums building can be a bowling alley & a cafe. You have all these , yet your not doing anything w/ some of them !!

Dashia James
Middletown, CT


  1. This mayor do something for the people instead of himself? This is the funniest editorial yet! The mayor still needs a GPS to find city hall ever morning. What does he know about middletown? He was 10 and no where near middletown when the plazas had a bowling ally. He's to busy taking fruitless trips to china and then bragging about it to fill his ego. You want something done with the empty building? Elect a near mayor come this November.

  2. and this is what is out there, scary

  3. Grammar? Its really scary that people think that the mayor controls empty buildings and have so little understanding of basic government.


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