Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ed McKeon: Don't Talk to Planning and Zoning Commissioners Outside of Public Hearings

Reader submitted
Let's get this straight, he is telling people not to speak to Planning and Zoning Commissioners?  What the hell was he doing on Salafia's door a week ago?   Right,  he is allowed speak to them but you are not?  


  1. There is a cost for anyone who wishes to build or develope a property. If a developer proposes a plan for a zone, and the plan is denied by the P&Z Commission for reasons specified within either local or state planning & zoning codes, regulations. or ordinances; how has the developer been financially harmed? The City has the right and an obligation to decide what is acceptable within its borders. Commissioners should not be afraid to do the right thing because someone mentions a lawsuit.
    There is their initial exploritory developement costs for design, land or building accusition, legal fees, and so on. What else can the developer claim financial harm on? Future revenue? There would be no future revenue if they were legitametly denied approval.
    As a developer, you are taking a risk for trying to get your plan approved. If you cannot, it is your loss.
    If a developer is told by someone within the City adminstration that he/se will not have a problem with his/her plan, and it is later rejected - then there is a huge problem; for the City.
    I would hope no one tells any developer "it's a done deal!"

  2. c'mon this is Ed "do as I say not as I do" 4 Ed!

    He didn't want the names on the McMouth petition to be public, but refuses to post anonymous posts on his site that do not bow down to his (imagined) greatness.

    He rants about ex-parte communications not being allowed by law, citing a law that is not applicable, yet sees nothing wrong with showing up full of anger at a commissioner's house where he bangs on the door for 1/2 hour cuz the little lady has the nerve to rightly ignore him.

    He rails about developers making money from property in his neighborhood (our town by the way) but it's okay for him to flip houses for a profit in the same neighborhood.

    His hippocracy knows no bounds

  3. I was standing next to him when he called Commish Ruzsso "an assole" and a "sellout" when the meeting was adjourned. I guess he has his 1st Amendment Right to say that.. I can prove he said it too, my wife heard in on the station at home.

  4. I think people get angry about this stuff. Funny how if you speak about truth that isn't popular, all the v.p. get upset and up and arms..

    Blue House LLC outbid the Connection in order to keep a certain element out of the neighborhood. Legal, by hypocritical.

    KInd of like ignoring Drew's role in this and pointing the fingers at fingers at the GOP who voted in favor of MX change.. Beth Emery voted for it too, and so it did Joyce. Molly and Johnson bolted- wuss dogs.. But I bet Nick and Ken will take a beating on this but Beth and Joyce and Pellitier will avoid the backlash- hell they are Dems..

  5. I hope the republicans put someone up against Drew that has half a brain. Because either way I refuse to vote for that egomaniac again. I feel dirty I voted for him the first time.

  6. IP tracing to an exact location is not possible.

    id rather commissioners not vote than pull an Emery and rant for a half hour then STILL vote for someone they don't agree with. Or have a case of early dementia and not know what the heck they voted for!

  7. How is there any way that eight people can make any money by buying one house , spending money on renovating it and not yet having resold it yet, = zero profit by my estimation and does not constitute flipping houses under any stretch of the imagination. You are twisting and sensationalizing. I have not read anything ed has written or heard anything he has said that objects to a developer making money. He objects to the destruction of history and a residential neighborhood, if you even read you would know that. And what makes you think tracking I.P. addresses is illegal? It is not illegal. Do you check any facts or just pull all these ridiculous opinions out of your ass?

  8. Right everything Ed says is true. it is not possible to track with out a SUPEONA. FACT CHECK yourself! AND defensive villager saying some group bought a house. with the potential to make money is not slandereous. Why are people getting so nuts over that? Eds exaggeration of a strip mall didn't get cries of slander from those supporters. This blog just asked questions the villagers are the. ones who blew up. No one cares . Ed can dish it but not take it. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. In order to get a lower level person to sing or squeal on somebody higher ala big fish, to apply pressure on them.. This system works.. Let me ask you, ANON 9:26.....

    Who in Middletown donated the most to former Speaker Chris Donovan?? Is that an opinion or a fact!

    Don't get it! Read today's Courant!

    Well said John Milardo.
    Ed and gang are trying to pin the pointing out of the blue house on why the mx zone passed and the two are unrelated. They can't see tha Drew wants the deal and the D's even Emery marched in step.

  10. Ed would like his role in Blue House kept on the DL just like he doesn't want the 60 k he and Lucy got courtesy of taxpayers to get his house to come out. It sheds a different light on his motivation which he makes an issue for the commissioners so it becomes fair game for the masses he is attempting to influence.

  11. Ed is shocked, shocked to find people talking to P&Z Commissioners outside of public meeting times.


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