Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CHC RAP-By Sir Steal A Lot aka Your Dime is Crime

Non-Profit’s Delight

sung to Sugar Hill Gang’s Rappers Delight

I said a money, you’re a dummy, I make more money
To the hip hop hippity hop , I say $600,000 times again
A you don’t take it to the feds, so I won’t see red, I deserve it, I deserve it.
ENTITLMENT CITY- Yeah, I deserve it, It’s mine! (Well really yours)

Man,  the taxpayers paid for it,  and I took MO, MO, MO, oh yes- I did and you will be
Po Po Po ! 

Now, the feds are poking around like a little clown, but I know Hickenlooper pooper scooper, - so leave me alone .. Big bowties for a sly little guy.  I’m supposed to help people, but I don’t -it’s not my dime it’s yours.  Your money SUCKA!

 To the poor and the rest to do what is right-not.
I have a big ass office like with mobiles TVs- I’m a gangsta! Yeah, I’m a gangsta! On your dime, the song needs to rhyme, so I’m here to stay and you better go away I won’t do any time, I may be slime but I ‘m a DEM like O’Rourke who dodged the bullet and should be in jail but he’s a Dem not a GOP.. Thank, stupid people to whom I will drink to tonight!!!   YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!



    He steals from my n**Gas but can roam the city! HAAHA

  2. I give it a 10. Bob Dylan could not write a tune with such powerfull lyrics. Can you write a song about Tom Serra's 164K State pension?

  3. I'd pay money to go to a concert to hear a song about tommy boy....164k baby....


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