Sunday, March 31, 2013

As Mayor Delivers Budget Remember Promises Made in 1999 STILL Unfulfilled

Below is a piece written by Ken McClellan Middletown Republican Town Committee Chair reposted here on the Middletown Insider with permission. The piece, which has commentary on an actual piece of Middletown Democrat campaign literature (pictured below) was originally published on the MRTC website in 2009, but is still relevant as now 14 years later many of the same promises from the Middletown Democrats in power are still unfulfilled. 

We felt it was relevant to borrow this post for republishing because on Monday Mayor Dan Drew will deliver his budget raising taxes for citizens. 
We were already told by Drew taxes will be raised .9 mills, however, the actual budget won't be released until tomorrow.

The Common Council (still controlled by many of the same Spendacrat/Serracrats) will get a chance to review the budget- which has more holes than swiss cheese- and eventually vote to adopt or amend. When we as citizens receive the budget, will the promises made by the Democrats in power - most the same as the ones in power STILL today- be fulfilled?
Promises Made - 1999
In the 1999 campaign, Mayor Dominique Thornton and the Democratic candidates for council made promises to the people of the City of Middletown.  Twelve years later, we're still waiting for results.
Here are the promises, in their words:

Take a few minutes and decide for yourself if they've done the things that they've promised.
Remember the motto:  Progress, not Politics.  Think about recent events in Middletown and on the Council.  Who is working for progress and who is playing politics?

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