Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Question PZ Representation

All letters to the Editors are published as a courtesy and do no necessarily reflect the opinions of Middletown Insider Staff. Last week Salafia sent a letter regarding her concerns with those chosen by the Mayor for a new riverfront planning task force.


At the last P&Z meeting, we were informed that the Midlstate RegionalPlanning Committee which is comprised of various towns was being dissolved and transformed into the Lower Connecticut River Valley
Council of Governments. Middletown needs to send a representative from the commission and an alternate. Commissioner Michael Johnson (D) has been the representative for the past four years. Yet, attendance to P&Z meetings is rare  because of his job as a lobbyist in Hartford. Commissioner Fazzino nominated me to be the
new Middletown representative to replace Johnson.He felt my professional background in architecture and planning wouldserve Middletown well.
Again, at the meeting Johnson was not present. The vote was taken, and
the Democrats voted along party lines to keep Johnson as the representative, and offered me to be alternate. Johnson has never in my history on P&Z or before my time provided the Commission with any reports about what
goes on at these monthly meetings, or comment on his ability to attend. Citizens concerned with Middletown being adequately represented at this important board should direct questions to Johnson.

Molly Salafia
Planning and Zoning Commissioner


  1. Michael Johnson doesn't have to be there if he doesn't want. His P/Z appointment is basically fodder for his resume, one needs to ask INSIDER, how did he change from Working Family to Dem Party after a vacancy opened up a few years ago on PZ

  2. If the commissioner stops her temper tantrums and know it all attitude, perhaps she could some day be considered but till then a poor choice.

  3. Why get rid of him? He is tight with GOVERNOR TAXALOT = in fact TAXALOT was the JP at MIchael's wedding.

  4. Self serving letter. Put your big girl pants on and move on.

  5. Miss Molly, by golly, you haven't paid your dues. Come on back when you have some solid experience.

  6. Molly rocks! Leave her alone!~

  7. Molly and her sense of entitlement epitomizes what is wrong with this town.

  8. Temper tantrum? You must have her confused with LS or the mayor! Salafia asks good questions rather tha giving carte blache like the D's wanted for that poop park! If not Salafia, certainly anyone besides Johnson whi never shows!

  9. Ms. Salafia has paid her dues as much as Mr. Johnson has and she actually goes to meetings. I have no issue with Mr. Johnson but he has a lot on his plate and the residents of Middletown should be represented by someone who will have the time to put into the council.

    Stop the partisan politics and put Ms. Salafia on the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council as she will do the residents of Middletown proud.

  10. Paying your dues? The middletown political meaning is: Let the Dems screw you over a few dozen times and you don't fight back, and then maybe they will toss you a bone.

  11. Sense of entitlement? That would be Johnson

  12. want some cheese to go with that whine?


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