Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Malloy's Ferry to Oblivion

A message from the Ct Republican Party:

In Case You Missed It:
Today’s Hartford Courant reported that at least 15 family members and employees of a company that financially benefits from Connecticut public policy represent one of the biggest donors to Dannel Malloy’s Political Action Committee.
The PAC, Prosperity for Connecticut, has held 14 fundraising events over the past year, raising over $200,000.
According to the Courant story:
“State campaign finance records show that at least 15 contributions — mostly at the maximum annual amount for an individual, $750 — were made in May and September to the Prosperity for Connecticut PAC by people with ties of employment or kin to Capt. Brian A. McAllister of New York City. He is the head of McAllister Towing and Transportation Co. and the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Co., which operates the ferry between those two ports…the McAllister ferry business has been unsuccessful so far in its effort to expand to a larger boat terminal that would be built on the east side of Bridgeport Harbor, opposite from its current location.

"But a new consultant’s study on the future of Connecticut’s deep water ports, commissioned in mid-year by the Democrat-controlled legislature and released in October by Malloy’s office, recommends that the state “protect and enhance private ferry services.” And, in a section relevant to the McAllister business, it says: “the State should support the Phase 1 relocation/expansion of the Bridgeport ferry” to the location sought by the company on the east side.

"Just this past week, Malloy's participation in Prosperity for Connecticut activities came into question over a PAC fundraiser on Thursday. Malloy was the speaker and main attraction in the Hartford home of a $990,980-a-year state parking contractor, Alan Lazowski, who is part of a group seeking to manage the XL Center and Rentschler Field.
"State Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola said Malloy's participation in a fundraiser at a contractor's house circumvents the "spirit, if not the letter" of a law intended to keep special interests from exerting undue influence on the Governor.”

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  1. What if it were John Rowland at the contractor's house? JAIL time! If' its Malloy? "Well, um, just don't say anything."


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