Wednesday, December 19, 2012

City FOI Request - A Call for Transparency

William Wilson, vice chair of the Republican Town Committee submitted the letter below last week to City Hall (and the Insider) as an FOI request.   In April of 2012, upon his return to from China (of which he was not asked to go on, nor did he approach the Council with this venture prior, but asked to join the trip), Mayor Drew promised the Common Council on record he would provide a detailed report of his tax payer funded trip and findings regarding the supposed possible sale of the Aetna property to unnamed Chinese companies . 
Wilson also asked a variety of other relevant questions about where your tax money is going as well. 
The Insider has been told Wilson has received a copy of the Mayor's plane ticket, but no other answers have been provided. All we want for Christmas is peace on earth and government transparency, how about you?
To: The Town Clerk of the City of Middletown,

I am sending this letter as an FOI request to be answered by the appropriate parties within the City of Middletown. I would like the all the relevant reports that will answer the questions below.

1.How many discharges from the sewer treatment located at 100 River Road have there been in the last 5 years?  How many gallons per discharge into the Connecticut River during that time?

2. Please provide me the relevant reports to disclose any and all spills into the Connecticut River stemming from Middletown's sewage treatment plant and relevant systems dating back five years. Have
there been any other spills as documented by the City of Middletown into the Connecticut river where sewage has been discharged or overflowed? Please provide any and all  bypass reports.

3. Please provide documentation to answer the following question: Have there been any fines due to discharges or spills during the past five years to the Water and Sewer department? If so, when, why and for what amount?

4.Please provide information regarding billing oversight at the Water& Sewer department. How many billing complaints have been filed in the past five years? How many customers have been misbilled? Please
provide a record of this and the remedy.

5. Please provide receipts& expense report for the Mayor's trip to China. Please also provide the detailed summary report he told the Common Council he would provide at the Common Council meeting immediately following his return. Please include a detailed list of whom he met with.

6. Please provide copies of the documents prepared by the architect hired by the Mayor to do drawings of a proposed addition to house the senior center at City Hall.

7. Please provide a list of open commission seats as of the date of this letter. A list is provided to the Common Council at the Mayor's request but not to the public.

All subsequent data provided may be returned to me as printable pdf files in digital format on CDs I will provide, in lieu of paper copies at the City's earliest convenience.

Sincerely, William Wilson
                Middletown, CT 06457     
Mayor Dan Drew
Common Council Clerk, Marie Norwood
Town Clerk City of Middletown, Sandra Driska
Director Guy Russo, Water & Sewer Department
Republican Town Committee Chair Ken McClellan


  1. Transparency is a word both the Mayor and the BOE throw around thinking we will fall for their rhetoric. What about the budget workshop for the BOE held in council chambers last night for which there was no meeting or agenda posted? That makes it an illegal meeting. The City and BOE are cutting deals behind closed doors because no one will stop them. Any bets on who the next Athletic Director will be?

    Mr. McClellan, your wife is on the BOE, how about some transparency there?

  2. Does this individual's name end with the letter S?

    Toss a student to the ground, pay off said family, have future chief and ex-superintenent squash the whoel thing (Okay 3 weeks of anger managment) and VIOLA--- ATHLETIC DIRECTOR in the making..

  3. Oh boy I know where this is going- Sal territory??? Although, some of the territory has proven to be true.


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