Friday, October 26, 2012

Suzio Derails Democratic Accusations, Opposition Party Backpedals

Republished with permission from author/columnist Dan Lovallo, originally published on his website here:

Sen. Suzio     Connecticut Democrats have gone wild in the CT-13th District Senate race, doing anything possible to smear incumbent Sen. Len Suzio, R-Meriden.  The 13th District has been a Democrat stranglehold for years, until longtime Sen. Tom Gaffey ran afoul of the law, pleaded guilty to  misdemeanor charges and resigned from office two years ago.  That opened the door for Suzio, a fiscally-responsible conservative Republican, to win a special election.  Suzio’s victory, combined with his overall knowledge of finances and Connecticut’s slight-of-hand state budget, has left the Democrats sore ever since.
     Suzio A Budget Expert
Suzio has forgotten more about the state budget than most Democrats know.  Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget chief, Benjamin Barnes, does everything possible to avoid Suzio’s questions at hearings on budget matters.  It was Suzio who predicted one month into Malloy’s first budget – which increased spending and imposed the largest tax hike in Connecticut history –  that it would be out of balance.  Suzio was correct and the administration used every trick in the book to balance the budget, as mandated by the state constitution.  It was Suzio, who led the charge against key components of the Democratic platform, such as increased taxes and fees and early prison release.  It was Suzio who successfully fought Democrats and the administration on using  taxpayers’ money to renovate Connecticut’s Communist Party headquarters.
Democrats Up To Tricks Again
     So it came as no surprise that Democrats were up to their old tricks again, calling a news conference on the steps of Meriden’s city hall Tuesday.  All the usual Democrat participants were there, Meriden Mayor Michael Rohde, Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, and of course, Suzio’s opponent in the election,  Dante Bartolomeo.  Except the Democrats did not plan on one attendee, Suzio himself.
Then the Democrats did, what they always do, when they lose on the issues, started throwing mud against the wall.  Suzio was accused of underhanded tactics.  He was involved in “push polls” and “dirty tricks.”  Before it was over, you would have thought it was Suzio who cost the Yankees a trip to the World Series.
However, when Suzio asked the Democrats to prove the charges, they couldn’t.  Then Suzio delivered what this pathetic trio on the steps of City Hall could not: proof.  “My financial report from the state Elections Commission shows that we haven’t paid for a poll to be conducted,” Suzio was quoted as saying in the Middletown Press.
     “It’s a manufactured scandal to distract from the outrageous taxes, this outrageous early release law, the outrageous, out-of-control spending that my opponent doesn’t want to talk about. That’s what this is about…I can win this campaign on the issues. I don’t need to resort to dirty tactics” he said.
The Democrats were left to wilt behind their own microphones.   Drew offered some lame comment, admitting Suzio was not a participant but that he didn’t denounce the practice.
Pathetic.  Just pathetic.
     Suzio won the day, because he challenged these three wind bags, who tried to divert attention from the fact the blueprint they support has left the state, essentially bankrupt.  My only regret is that
Sen. Suzio
     Suzio doesn’t live in my district, so I could vote for him.  Voters of the 13th District should reject these tactics and send Bartolomeo and her likes a clarion call by re-electing Sen. Suzio.

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