Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portrait of a Typical Middletown Resident : Man Who Cares

The Man Who Cares.

In 2011 Ben Florsheim 14', president of the WesDems, President of the CT College Democrats & Middletown Democratic Town Committee member helped then Mayoral Candidate Dan Drew rally, register, and transport over 400+ Wesleyan students to vote in the municipal city wide election.  
High student turn out is expected for the presidential and state level district elections in this November. 
Anyone wishing to vote, students & city citizens alike can, are encouraged to get information about voter registration from the Office of the Registrar of Voters at City Hall downtown.

The point here is this: By supreme court order students are allowed to vote in their college town. The staff of the Insider encourages everyone to vote.
 If you as a full time resident disagree with who some one like Ben Florsheim chooses to put in office of  Mayor, BOE member etc, then make sure YOU and everyone you know votes in this year's election for president & state representatives! Where are the student's now ? Will they demand the "transparency" parents  demanded from the BOE for example?

"Tom Florsheim said Weyco is subject to the same headwinds many companies selling retail goods face today, such as the slow economy in the U.S., increases in material prices and rising labor costs in Asia, where most of its shoes are made. But he’s upbeat on the future." Original article here

The billion dollar company is sponsoring a generous contest to help the  less fortunate.
 "The Man Who Cares" contest ending December 2012 will give away a single $150 gift certificate
 ( however does not include taxes or shipping, & not nearly enough for a whole pair, let alone one shoe. In honor of Ben, offer not good towards Work shoes.) .


  1. Holy .. So he's not poor at all. What a hypocrite..

  2. More quality journalism about... oh. nothing.

    Post pictures of the kid's house next, maybe? Snip off a lock of his hair while he sleeps?

    Isn't there an ELECTION going on?

  3. ANON:

    Knock it off! the hypocrisy with this guy is so deep it is nuttzy.. If it were a conservative student, you would jumping around. BLOG BLOG BLOG

  4. This kid tried to pin felonies on folks. Btw I dont want these kids deciding who gets to be mayor of my town or BOE of my kids school! To counter act we must all vote. so out of touch with real residents its not even funny..

  5. Dear Middletown Isider:

    I love the satier and the news that ocmes out of here, but how about doing some research. Is it possible to find out how many Wesleyan Students voted twice in the 2011 election? Hopefully none, but if it is happening both Registrar of Voters (Faraci and Gionfrido) need to be pro-active about situation. Too much work, I bet..

  6. If there is a US Supreme Court order to allow students to vote in the town of their school that is all well and good.

    The US Supreme Court does not allow to falsify their voter registration cards.

    Vote in CT after you declared you residency, under penalty of fine and imprisonment, triggers many CT State Laws for CT residents


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