Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Middletown Mayor

While Mayor Drew missed  NEAT's  discussion with concerned citizens about policing of the North End last week, he did not miss this week's opportunity to have his picture appear in a local paper. Does Mayoral Aide Joe Samolis know your are using those big boy scissors by yourself Danno? The McDonald's on Washington Street presented Oddfellows Playhouse with a $500 donation at the ribbon cutting after the restaurant's recent remodel.  This post is making us hungry; speaking of which...
  • Treat yourself right with this Health-O-Meter personal massager
  • Egg-shaped massager is water resistant, use in the shower
  • Electric massager features Gentle Touch Massage Head, and more..
Drew was quoted by the Press last month as saying "“Healthy choices save money... Eating refined or processed food causes health rates to go down.” If anyone out there can translate this grammatical abomination of a quote and explain what the heck a "health rate" is, the folks at the Insider are having some difficulty. The Insider did however, find a website selling "Health-O-Meters." We finally had our "ah ha" - so that's what the Mayor was talking about - moment, how unsophisticated of us! That's how one measures one's health rate. We heard the Mayor's Office is giving them out for free to the first 100 callers, so get yours today!


  1. It's amazing! Tons of people from the left were complaining about the Taco Bell on the message boards etc. But when CHinaDan decides to do this, it's business as usual.. Sorry, I get, they are at the PRO-CHRISDONAVAN rally.

  2. Mayor Drew has a ways to go to top the 10,000 Trogan Vibrators being given out on the streets of New York with the blessing of Mayor Doomburg/

  3. Wait!!!! Suzio takes on hardened criminals who Malloy and company release, but CTNEWSJUNKY does the old Lefty Shuffle and now DD gets to cut the ribbon.. Where are the fast food hating village folks for this one? I know, managing their salaries at their non-profits.

  4. Is Dano is trying to open a McDonald's in China after next election?

  5. Remember McDonald's rocks the world....especially in town

  6. What a clown! Ronald that is......sorry, I can see how that's confusing. thats a concept.


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