Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Happy Mother's Day: Scroomin Student & Dan Drew Does Your Mother

The Insider couldn't resist, even though many have already seen this video. In 2002 while a student at Uconn, Mayor Dan Drew appeared on the O'Reilly Factor defending the use of student funds toward funding an student run tv show called "I Did Your Mother." Many say he holds himself quite well up against up tv heavy weight Bill O'Reilly, however, one cannot ignore the fact that Drew claims free speech and the first amendment should protect such as show, yet misses the point entirely - almost like that of the missing $1 Million of BOE money - that money from a public university is being used to pay for the sexist & foul humored broadcast which was protested by other students at Uconn at the time, as O'Reiley points out several times during the interview.  A week ago a Wesleyan student made the papers because he got high on scrooms and wandered naked into a Middletown resident's home, tried to open a door, and exposed themselves to the minor child inside, that it is things like this that & the support of such an incident by other students as a "learning experience" on local blogs doesn't help the situation. Various news sources dispute whether the student was nude on the porch or in the street, and degree of nudity. Bottom line is he was high and tried to enter a person's home &; was disruptive enough police needed to tase him. This student was not charged with risk of injury to a minor, indecent exposure, breaking and entering, under the influence of drugs in public, no- he was ONLY charged with trespassing. If the situation were somehow reversed- how do you think a townie would be treated if he or she wandered into a dorm nude and high and a Wesleyan student under 18 were present? You can bet University President Michael Roth would be on the phone with Middletown police to have this person prosecuted to the fullest extent after fielding calls from angry parents. 
The Insider's point is that it is situations like this when illogical conclusions are reached for seemingly straight forward events, which then fuel the stereotyping of townies by Wes students and vice versus. We say treat everyone the same period, and maybe we can all get along and share Middletown- 
Let's agree on one thing first: Legally, once you are over the age of 18 you can vote and fight in a war, so the adage of "he was just a kid" doesn't cut it in our book for scroom man or Dan Drew as depicted above. Ok, maybe the Insider could excuse Drew's behavior on this show if say college was 20 years ago for him, and he had grown up a lot since, however, college ended for Dan was only a handful of years ago!

So Happy Mother's Day from the Insider! Happy Mother's Day to Councilwoman Debra Kleckoski who was kicked out of the local Democratic party when she had her children, but has kicked-butt ever since as a Republican, to Councilwoman Hope Kasper, who got her son-in-law Josh Berger a cushy job at the BOE when she was on the hiring committee & keeps trying to get herself free parking, to Lisa Santangelo, Godmother of the local Democratic Town Committee ;  to Union Mama and former 466 vice president Councilwoman Linda Salafia who shakes her finger at Mayor Dan Drew and scolds him properly on the Council floor & continues to do so when needed (which is often), to Izzi Greenberg of NEAT for keeping the North end tidy, to new mom Councilwoman Mary Bartolotta, it's nice the Dem's didn't can you like they did Deb, to Hot Mama Christine"Tell It Like It Is" Bourne- girl has some spunk!, Deb Bagley of Catales, Kitty Mama,  to P&;Z Commissioner Beth Emery- Bicycle Mama, to BOE member Cheryl McClellan- Millitary Mama, to Cassandra Day,  Patch Blog Mama, Brenda Wilson, Child Advocate Mama of the local Ryan Woods Foundation, to Nancy Haynes, &; Barbara Senges  at the BOE you both worked with Michael Frechette, whom only a mother could love (yet we cannot find any students' mothers who do), and to all the Middletown Mom's-
 THE INSIDER SOLUTES YOU! Happy Mother's day and thanks for keepin' all of us Middletowners in check!

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