Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rumor Disney to make movie about Nancy Haynes & Middletown BOE!

A rumor has come to the attention of the Middletown Insider that Disney is supposedly interested in making a movie about the Middletown BOE Administration. The offer is being given serious consideration as a money making tool in order to help the department cover the $1 million dollar deficit in the budget that was the apparent result of overspending. While Mayor Dan Drew has released official statements claiming that the the deficit is no ones fault, the Insider asks readers what would you do to cover the million dollar deficit?


  1. It is clear that the BOE had over-spent their special education budget. They did it two years in a row.

    Thing is.. thats the norm. And normally there is a grant check that covers a lot of that expenditure. Problem is.. the City used that money without BOE permission. Should the City have done that. No. Did the BOE overspend their budget? Yeah. Thats what happened.

    But in the end the city has to fund the BOE no less then the year before. And all of this is over two institutions sharing money. For a few years they have been getting less from the state and the spat between Guiliano and "Evil BOE Empire" didn't help the sharing process.

    Now I do have my doubts about some of the accounting practices at the BOE. It appears that some things are left in the dark. Why cant we get a "completely detailed receipt" from the BOE? Isn't that a fair request?

    Either way we all have to pay for it.

  2. The bottom line is that the City, in it's budget, allocates to the BOE a specific amount of money, $70 some odd million, to spend. Whether or not there are grant funds available to cover that amount is somewhat immaterial: the BOE is not supposed to spend more than they are allocated in the budget. If they need to spend more than they are allocated, they, like every other department, need to come before the Common Council and request more funds. It should be noted that while the grant for special education was increased; the grant funds for transportation were decreased. We are not hearing that the BOE is spending less for transportation because the grant was decreased, are we?

  3. The boe is required by state law to provide special education services no matter if it is over budget. So since the state grant can't be counted on to balance that budget then you suggest, anonymous, that the boe needs more funding for special education.

    So because the boe didn't receive grant money. The boe now has a solid reason for increased funding.


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