Saturday, July 02, 2016

K-12 Gender Identity Standards Surprise Some Washington Parents

Kaeley Triller Haver
I hardly know what to say.  This is a sick, twisted perversion of the laws of Nature and of Nature's God, not to mention common sense. Hell surely awaits those who push this unholy agenda on innocent children; woe be it unto them.

Boys who think they are girls and girls who think they are boys have mental health issues.  It is biologically impossible to change one's gender.  The DNA does not lie.  Be on the alert, parents; this will surely come to a school near you.  Time to start paying attention and get involved.  Editor

Kaeley Triller Haver is no stranger to the transgender bathroom debate. After being sexually assaulted as a child and going public with her story, the single mom from Washington state now opposes shower, locker room, and bathroom policies that she believes leave her and her daughter vulnerable and unsafe.
So earlier this month, when she found out that Washington public schools quietly adopted a new set of health education standards that include teaching kindergartners about gender expression and identity, Triller Haver was shocked she wasn’t involved.

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