Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest blog: Conservative Round up by Palin Smith

 Below is a guest blog piece by Palin Smith, views expressed are not necessarily those of the Insider Staff. 

The Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment (O4OI) movement keeps rolling through Connecticut. Last Friday, Oct. 11, we didn't attract a large group of protesters, but we did provoke 10,000 positive responses from 50,000 motorists. For three full hours our signs and flags dominated Interstate 95 in New Haven. Watch it at this link. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5wsVsNCEygoNAOucXHj0mnkcn16rXXP1

We're planning another event at this location before the end of October, probably on a Saturday. If you're not working on a local election campaign you might like to share a bridge with several dozen of your friends. To follow the movement in Connecticut, join up on Face Book. https://www.facebook.com/groups/449760198456036/

As you see, the group is up to 562 members. We're anticipating a 10% turnout. We will choose a day very soon. The larger the group of participants, the bigger the response from the interstate. If you know a great place with high visibility, heavy traffic, close-by parking and wide, safe sidewalks, make note and post a picture. We've stood out at over a dozen different sites since we began on August 6. The greatest joy is when motorists pull over and park and come to join us.

We have made contact with Channel 3 and Channel 30 out of Hartford. Both outfits arrived late yesterday at the Million Vets March – CT in Newington at the Iwo Jima Memorial. We were asked to provide video and we acceded. Fox made it on time. If we can organize a large rally at the Howard Avenue overpass, there are four TV stations that might cover it.
OVER 100 Veterans and their friends assembled at the Iwo Jima Memorial yesterday at 9 AM. Middletown resident, Gail Whitright, the founder of Proposition USA, hosted a dedication to all Veterans, and especially in solidarity with the Vets who stormed the National Monuments in Washington DC to set them free. For those who missed the event, we recorded it.
LAST SATURDAY we joined a couple dozen volunteers who helped campaign for the Plymouth Republicans. We hiked our designated routes for four hours in a literature drop, hitting a huge chunk of the Republicans and Unaffiliated, as well as some Democrats. Nine of the volunteers live outside Plymouth. Patrick came all the way from East Haddam to help.
MARK GREENBERG, the 5th district congressional candidate brought a boost as well as State Rep. Whit Betts. Seems like the Plymouth/Terryville Republicans are running to win this time. With three weeks remaining before Election Day, we urge everyone to get out and volunteer. If you don't have a favorite in your town, reply, and we will send you to help a conservative grass roots candidate you can believe in.
One of those towns of interest is West Haven. The Democrats are bifurcated, running against themselves. Mayor Picard, who was ousted in a primary, has decided not to give up and is running a write-in campaign against his party's choice. 
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Meanwhile, Bart Chadderton is pushing ahead positively in a town that is registered 5-1 Democrat. It was in a mirror image scenario that the last Republican won in West Haven. The town is slipping. New leadership and a new spirit is its only salvation.

We also like Jessica Chiong who is running for Board of Education. Jessica helps administer the Face Book page, Stop Common Core in CT https://www.facebook.com/StopCommonCoreinCT
Please help these wonderful people. And watch them in person at the West Haven Republican Headquarters grand opening last Thursday. Republicans may be conservative, but they are all heart! http://youtu.be/vt94vO7Mx0k
Last Tuesday night we attended the Bristol City Council meeting to support Shawn Ruest who you could label the city's watch dog patriot. Shawn is not running this year, but his wisdom might be a future benefit to another Connecticut town in decline. Shawn spoke about the plans to turn downtown Bristol into some kind of renaissance center. Low income subsidized housing is not the magic wand of prosperity.

With an energetic election campaign underway, it looks like Shawn stirred up some hornets last week. He was reprimanded for apparently injecting an unwanted issue at this stage of the campaign. We don't know all the details. We do know however, that WE were not the most popular fellows in town that night. Here's Shawn. http://youtu.be/bHL7rBYGsRo

Shawn had all he could do NOT to say those naughty words, AGENDA 21 PROJECT.
If you would like to support Shawn in future meetings or speak yourself, whether you're a Bristol resident or not, please contact me. Agenda 21 and common core are not good for any town or city.
Tuesday Oct. 15 7 PM Franco American Club 116 Club Road.
6 PM is Common Core.
7 PM is Property Rights
Dave Kopacz. Come when you can.
If you're late, no big deal, just come right in and have a seat.
Flyer attached.
(We might attend)

STEVE LONEGAN in New Jersey might hit a home run. The special Election for the seat vacated by the late US Senator Frank Lautenberg is on Wednesday Oct. 16. Lonegan was down in the polls almost 30 points in mid summer, but has caught fire of late, now registering less than 10 points down. If a Tea Party conservative wins in New Jersey, Democrats will be committing hari kari. Here's a video I shot of Lonegan at a Tea Party rally in Pomona, NY exactly two years ago tomorrow. http://youtu.be/NYZxZBFvdbo


This evening we will be in Stamford documenting Trevor Loudon's visit to Connecticut on his book tour. We will present him with a Dump Dodd t-shirt. Probably won't be home until near midnight, but watch for a couple photos.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)

Pass the matches or get out of the way…..

Palin Smith

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