Friday, September 28, 2012

Suzio calls out Governor Malloy on Tax Hikes

Press Release
Re: Governor Malloy won’t rule out tax hikes.

Senator Len Suzio pledges to oppose all tax hikes when the State Senate reconvenes in January.

At a press conference on Sept 24 Governor Malloy opened the door to tax hikes to help balance the budget for 2013-2014.

"I will be working morning noon and night to slam the door on any tax hikes. Our state's hard pressed taxpayers need an unequivocal commitment that additional tax increases will not be used to balance next year's budget. There is no alternative but to balance the budget the way ordinary Connecticut families balance their budgets - by cutting back expenses to
match revenues. We need to balance the budget the 'old-fashion way' - with responsible budgets that reduce wasteful spending"
, Senator Suzio commented.

"Connecticut taxpayers need and want a firm commitment to hold the line on tax increases
and spending. The days of increasing taxes to make up for budget mistakes are over. I am
pledged to voting against any tax increase as a budget balancing option next year. Every
candidate should make the same pledge to voters this Fall", Senator Suzio concluded.

Senator Len Suzio (203)-530-1544

Middletown Insider side note:
Photo  & commentary below is a Middletown Insider creation, not part of the official Suzio Press Release above. What does Dannel like to use tax revenue for? Trips to China of course! The Insider has discovered Mayor Drew was not chosen by his BFF Governor Malloy to go to China as a delegate, he applied and begged to join the delegation.Pretty lame to invite folks, but make them fork over the cash to go, in this case taxpayers funded the trip for both. Still no report  from Mayor Dan/Lisa as promised to the Common Council six months ago....

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